Tips to prevent heat

Summer becomes synonymous with vacations and leisure, but also with sun and a lot of heat. For this reason, we must take a series of guidelines to protect ourselves from the high temperatures in this season.

If the temperatures are now somewhat milder, you must be prepared for when the hottest days await us.

Tips to face the summer

This station so desired by some is already making an appearance. For this reason, it is essential to take into account a series of tips so that the summer is much more bearable for everyone since protection from the heat is essential when the sun is hotter.

Take note of these tips to carry them out:

Drink water constantly. 

It is important that you are hydrated at all times. Even if you do not have a thirst sensation, you should drink small sips frequently. Avoid sugary drinks, alcohol, coffee and others that are not healthy at all. You can prepare natural fruit juices that contain so many vitamins and benefits for our body.

Refresh often.

The hottest hours, which are usually between 12.00 and 17.00 hours, do not stop cooling off, and stay in shady places.

Another great option is that you can take a bath on the beach, swimming pools, even a quick shower to mitigate the effects of heat.

Eat healthy and balanced. 

During this time it is advisable to eat foods with liquid such as fruits and vegetables. The ideal is not to eat very large meals and to spread the doses several times a day.

Wear light clothing.

It is best to use light colors and fabrics that breathe, which are very light.

Wear caps and hats. 

The caps are a very suitable choice for use in summer because we can cover our head and avoid sunstroke. In this way we will be protected if we cover our heads in the hottest hours.

Play sports in less hot hours.

Avoid the hours when the sun is out to do sports. It is important that you continue with your usual rhythm of physical exercises in summer, but keep in mind that now you must adapt to the less hot hours such as afternoon, night and early morning.

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