Three years later, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp remains one of the best mobile games ever created by Nintendo

It was going to be something different from what finally came, but finally, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp landed on Android in November 2017 and didn”t need much time to become one of the biggest successes of the Nintendo division focused on game development for mobile.

So much so, that it was one of the most profitable games for Nintendo throughout 2018, even surpassing the popular Super Mario Run, and staying close to reaching the famous Dragalia Lost in terms of revenue.

Since that time almost three years have passed, but even now, when Animal Crossing is on everyone”s lips for the imminent launch of its version for Nintendo Switch, Pocket Camp remains one of those essential games that every lover of the saga should have on the home screen of your mobile.

One of the best mobile titles you can play in 2020

Since its inception, the game was praised for how well it had recovered the essence of the Nintendo DS versions released a few years ago: in it, we have the possibility of living a second virtual life where we can build our own home, make friends and collect different objects, all in a small world of the most calm and pleasant.

And that is precisely one of the great reasons for the success of this saga. In the middle of the year 2020, when action-packed titles, such as Call of Duty: Mobile, Fortnite, or that incite us to compete with other players such as the fighting between Pokémon GO trainers **, the existence of a game of Animal Crossing style: Pocket Camp is more necessary than ever: a game in which to relax, get carried away by its pleasant details and surprises, and where to live in harmony cooperating with other players, instead of having to compete against them.

In addition, despite its launching about three years ago, Nintendo continues to update Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on a frequent basis to introduce, for example, new events such as the hunt for gyroids and different types of campers not seen so far.

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