This is how Brad Pitt, the mature Hollywood heartthrob wears

Brad Pitt”s ability to change his image and adapt to all kinds of circumstances is undeniable. He projects great confidence with his look and knows how to wear jeans, T-shirts, jackets or cotton shirts like no one else.

His chameleon style makes him change easily for a suit without a tie and belt without anyone being able to reproach him. Dress with accessories or without them, but always setting the trend in public appearances. The use of bow ties is also common in the actor.

If we cannot deny something to Brad Pitt that is – without a doubt – his great style and taste in dressing.

Rose to fame in 1991 as the sassy seductive cowboy for Thelma & Louise.

In the 1990s he became a true phenomenon in films such as Legends of Passion, Seven and Interview with the Vampire.

He was the protagonist of numerous covers due to his romances on media with actresses like Juliette Lewis and Jennifer Aniston, his first wife. The actor has always known how to steal women”s sighs and, at the same time, arouse envy among his peers in all parts of the world.

This is the style of Brad Pitt

It is appropriate to recall some style lessons from this talented actor, who has been in Hollywood for more than 25 years setting trends, and being a benchmark for new generations of actors for his talent and undeniable style of dressing.

1. Hair always natural, and if it is tousled, the better!

The actor has worn hair in all forms throughout his professional career: long, short and even shaved hair; the secret is that he always tries to make him look natural, manly and somewhat scruffy, which certainly makes him more interesting and attractive.

2. Wearing a shirt. 

It is the essential piece for a minimalist outfit, especially if you are a man who wants to highlight his practical side of life. Normally the actor wears her in white, thus displaying his good physical shape and his more informal look.

It is also the most combinable garment that a man can have in his closet, both to complete a formal and informal look.

3. Setting style with all kinds of outfits. 

The red carpet has been one of the most visited places by Brad Pitt in recent years, and where he has been seen more elegant with suits and combinations that have served to make him look perfect.

He has been able to combine scarves, handkerchiefs, vests, cufflinks… endless accessories that have given him naturalness and seriousness, being one of the objectives of the thousands of glances that follow him around the planet.

This is the style of a Hollywood heartthrob who knows how to adapt to any situation through a unique, trend-setting look.

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