The Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition is delayed by a week

Through its platform, Valve has announced the postponement of the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition. The event, which was scheduled between 9 and 14 this week, will take place just seven days later, between June 16 and 22, to let us try some of the PC titles that are yet to come. The Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition was announced in the framework of the Summer Game Fest, designed to make us get in touch with new games and their creators from exclusive playable experiences, conferences and direct. Despite its upcoming celebration, Valve has not yet shared the festival schedule or released which games will be part of it. Developers who want to can still sign up through their platform.

Although Steam has not explicitly shared the reasons for this delay, everything indicates that it is caused by the increase in the intensity of anti-racist protests both in Europe and in the United States. However, despite the postponement, Valve is one of the few video game companies that has not spoken. About the Black Lives Matter movement or has condemned the murder of George Floyd. “This is a correct decision that comes too late,” commented one of the developers affected to games industry. “Valve should never have put devs and publishers in the position of having to launch their demos and do a live show when we should all be showing our solidarity with the BLM movement,” commented another event participant, who has also preferred to remain anonymous.

The postponement of the Steam event is in addition to the delay of the PC Gaming Show 2020 and the Future Games Show 2020 that last week decided to change their dates from June 6 to the 13 of this month. Like you, it is becoming difficult for us to focus on anything other than the demands for justice and justified anger that millions of Americans are expressing. Now, we want to give a space to those who speak and teach us how to end the oppression of the system and the police brutality experienced by black people, “he said in his statement. The PC Gamer website. For its part, Games Radar, the organizing page of the Future Games Show has pointed out that the “exclusive revelations” will have to wait due to the protests. The page has updated its cover page to share important resources for activists.

All these delays in the parallel events and included in the Summer Game Fest add to the date changes in the events of PS5, CD Projekt and EA Play Live, among others, as well as proposals such as the support fund for black developers or African Americans presented by Humble Bundle or the bundle with more than 700 independent games that has put up for sale for $ 5 seeking to raise money for two associations focused on the legal defense of arrested protesters.

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