The new trailer for PS4 will leave you crazy and your heart beating hard

Sony has just released a new PlayStation 4 trailer that has left us speechless. In it you can breathe the tension of the suspense, and it has been released as a result of the recent arrival of Valentine.

The company itself accompanied the video with the following description. ”Feel more love this Valentine”s Day with PlayStation 4 and do it like a true GAMER. Feel the power of PlayStation.” Without a doubt, it has made our hearts tremble. We leave you with this video below:

This trailer shows us a group of soldiers in an operation to what looks like a secret laboratory. To the surprise of these, upon arrival they find hundreds (or thousands) of hearts from PlayStation players connected to their respective consoles. A chilling scene, of course.

And it is that with the arrival of Valentine”s Day different companies have taken the opportunity to honor in one way or another the arrival of this holiday. Do not forget that today we have commented on the list of many of the games that will include in one way or another this celebration to their respective projects.

If you expected a preview of the new PlayStation 5 in this announcement, we are disappointed, although you can take a look at the console website, which we announced a few days ago.

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