The most common hair problems

We are very familiar with hundreds and hundreds of hair products stored in long aisles in the supermarket hair care section. Searching among the immense variety of bottles of shampoos and treatments, we read each one to find the one that solves our problem and we can see that there are products for hair loss, dry hair, brittle hair and other types and, in addition, We can get to know products for hair problems and hair types that we didn”t even know existed.

In this article we tell you what are the most common hair problems, why they happen and some basic treatments and tips to learn how to care for hair with hair problems correctly.


Brittle and damaged hair

The brittle hair has a weak structure and is easily broken, making her hairstyle in a real battle. This type of hair costs a lot to master in styling and this is usually noticeable with the naked eye, because apart from being disheveled it also has a lack of shine and vitality. These deficiencies in the hair strands can be attributed to various endogenous and exogenous factors. For example, something very important is the dietary factor, since we need to supply our body with the correct amount of nutrients to build consistent and strong keratin fibers. To achieve healthy hair, you must eat healthy, follow a diet rich in vitamins and proteins and have good hydration, as it is also essential for hair to be hydrated.

In addition, excessive heat in the hair fibers must be avoided. This is very important for proteins, since they have a certain temperature to preserve, which is vital for the hair to be healthy, because when it is elevated the protein will denature and exceed the recovery point, breaking the hair fiber. By heat, we mean high temperatures as well as hair straighteners, not air drying the hair itself at a safe distance.

Regarding products that can help in the recovery of brittle and damaged hair, the only oil that studies approve is coconut oil. The size of the particles of this and its abilities to penetrate deep into the hair fibers, allows coconut oil to block the spaces within the hair structure that would otherwise be inhabited by other harmful materials, leaving the hair porous and brittle, so it helps to repair it, nourishing and hydrating it in depth.


Hair loss

The second on the list of most common hair problems is a very notorious one: hair loss. Many times it is misdiagnosed and we try to solve hair loss with products that solemnly swear to reverse the dilemma, but using them the hair fibers do not really get well rooted in the scalp, which surely happens because the underlying cause of the problem is not resolved.

There is no magic solution that is in a single product to treat hair loss because you have to take into account a set of factors and each person can be different ( poor diet, stress, excess heat in the hair fibers, etc.)


Hair loss and loss due to poor diet

As we have indicated before, one of the causes of hair loss is poor diet, either due to deficit or excess of certain nutrients.



Yes, vitamins are essential for hair care because they regulate the life cycle of hair. In moderation, vitamins can prolong the anagen phase (activate hair growth) and delay the telogen phase (hair loss). However, the key word is moderation, because overdosing on certain vitamins, such as vitamin A, will have the opposite effect. For this reason, and for more health reasons, it is so important to have regular tests to know and maintain optimal levels of vitamins in the body. It is advisable to maintain these adequate amounts through a good diet, but sometimes vitamin supplements can be taken.



Anemia is a condition characterized by low levels of iron in the blood, which affects the transport of oxygen throughout the body. As a result, weakness and hair loss appear, as well as fatigue and dizziness, among more health problems. In order for the hair to be healthy and not to fall excessively, it is advisable to maintain good oxygenation of the scalp area, and for this, it is important to maintain iron in the blood well and stimulate blood circulation in the capillary area, for example, with soft massages and stimulating products.


Androgenic alopecia: what is it and treatment

The androgenic alopecia is a type of hair loss, as its name suggests, is produced by androgens, some hormones. The condition is relatively common among men and, to a lesser extent, in women. Many are mistaken in their diagnosis and follow up on the promise of hair recovery with supermarket shampoo bottles and treatments because they believe these are other types of hair conditions that are unrelated to androgens. Unfortunately, unless the real cause of the problem is attacked, nothing will do.

For cases not advanced androgenic alopecia, you can use specific products such as Minoxidil and Finasteride. These are medicines in the form of pills and a hair solution that stimulate the funicular units. The latter is a very powerful androgen catalyst. Also, these products are not effective once the symptoms of androgenic alopecia are more visible, which is why it is so important to start treating the problem right away. In the event that the problem is already more advanced, the symptoms can be treated with a hair transplant.

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