The latest version of Windows 10 warns its users that they do not have to install Chrome or Firefox

Microsoft does not believe that Windows 10 users need another Internet browser other than Edge. This is how he communicates directly in the latest build of the Windows 10 Insider program, which, as some surprised users have discovered, shows a warning message.

when you try to run the installers of Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Vivaldi. This dialog box appears in several languages

so it seems to be a well-established policy.

According to the message in question, the user “already has Microsoft Edge – the safest and fastest browser for Windows”, so it is not necessary to install alternatives. The options allow launching Edge (option highlighted in blue) or continue with the installation. Microsoft therefore does not block the use of third-party browsers, but clearly tries to discourage its use.

As Engadget points out , this is not the first time that Microsoft tries to promote Edge with questionable methods. One of the most recent was when he forced the opening of Windows Mail links with Microsoft Edge. He has also shown notifications to Chrome users, urging them to try their own browser. This practice is however somewhat more aggressive and contrasts with the old (and already disappeared) message of “choose your browser” forced by the European Union as a result of the Internet Explorer domain.

Generally the functions that appear in the buildsInsider end up arriving at the definitive version of Windows 10 with the following great update, although it is not always the case. Technical problems or changes in strategy have caused delays and cancellations in some services under the testing process, so Microsoft could backtrack depending on the response of the public. Which judging by the initial reactions, is not being very receptive.

Redstone 5, the next big update of Windows 10, will arrive in the month of October. Some of the innovations introduced with its launch include a file explorer with nightly theme , clipboard with history , improvements to the screenshot tool and the first update of the notebook in almost two decades.

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