The billionaire Superbowl business

The American football final is one of the most shocking sporting events for the US economy. These are his figures.

The Superbowl, the great American football final that will be played on February 2 in Miami, has a particular ingredient: it is the first time in 50 years that the Kansas City Chiefs reach this instance, which has aroused an unusual interest in the final, that could give the maximum crown to a team that is not within the history of this competition.

The Superbowl is one of the most impressive shows of American sport. Only the value of the equipment in dispute reaches US $ 5.800 million: the San Francisco 49 yers are a team valued at US $ 3.5 billion and with annual revenues close to US $ 492 million, while the Kansas City Chiefs are worth US $ 2.3 billion and record revenue per year for US $ 410 million.

The figures are millionaires on all fronts of this sport. It is estimated that the transmission will be seen by at least 190 million viewers and on the most important social networks, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook , about 110 million interactions will be achieved during the event.

This shows that it is a massive show, which attracts the attention of all the protagonists of marketing, as it is an ideal space to launch new products and consolidate campaigns.

For this reason, transmitting a 30-second advertising message during the event can cost more than US $ 5 million.

The Superbowl also represents a very favorable impact for consumption. According to the accounts of the market research firm Re bold, in the 2019 version the event boosted sales and consumption of more than US $ 4.6 billion in beers, sodas, pizzas and nachos, among others. Only the guacamole market, from which Colombia benefits, reaches for this special event a value of almost US $ 60 million. A great goal.

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