The best fashion and beauty blog templates in WordPress

Fashion and beauty blogs are the most numerous and as they are current and aesthetic references, their design is important and therefore among these WordPress themes you will find some spectacular ones.

It is convenient to change the template every so often (2 years) to update the blog and relaunch it, since 2015 I have changed the template 4 times, for me it is a fun process and I love relaunching the blog.

In this selection there are Premium and free templates

The criteria that I have followed to select the best beauty and fashion templates is that you find a template that you like and that is appropriate to the way you work:

  • That they are functional, responsive, that they have a good mobile version and that they are well documented.
  • Priority to multiporpose that can be used for more things so that you can give more useful life to the template
  • Compatibility, they are also all compatible with woocommerce and SEO by Yoast.
  • Special for blogging, although I do not put it, I have given priority to those that have good blog pages, since there are many templates that have the incredible home page but the post page does not have dates, author, it is missing the RRSS, the sidebar it”s a churro…

How to choose the template or theme of a fashion blog

I could tell you that the templates for beauty, fashion, nail art, make up, lifestyle are chosen the same as the rest, but as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, the aesthetic component is very important and I will take it into account in this post.

Choose what you need for your fashion or makeup blog

  • First think about the widgets or elements that you are going to use and are essential for your blog, be realistic and there will be things that you will not be able to integrate, others may seem great but… they are not so long because they take time to load or are difficult to maintain.
    • Testimonials
    • Sliders
    • Authors boxes
    • Maps
    • Recipes
    • Reviews
    • Carrousels
  • In fashion and lifestyle blogs, it is normal to find a sidebar with a biography and a photo, it is a very good idea because it gives the blog closeness, personality and in part they can contact you.
  • If you are going to need spaces for banners
  • It is important that the date of the entries is shown
  • Maybe a slider is too much but a cover with a good image can add more personality and branding to your blog
  • Think if any application needs you to place Woocommerce

Layout type

Select the type of layout that you are going to need or that you prefer, I recommend that you do it based on the images that you are going to add since in fashion and beauty blogs they have a lot of visual weight and also load weight, so I recommend that you think about how big you will give your images.

When I talk about layout I don”t mean the home page, but rather the post page if you want them to have a sidebar, make it fullwidth, make it boxed, if you like narrow columns, if you want a cover image…

Visual composers

If you are using a composer with your current template and you do not want to lose the work that you have used in the pages… you have to continue using the same one, there are many types but the best known are:

  • Visual composer
  • Bakery builder
  • Elementor
  • DIVI

Are you going to need pages for your fashion blog?

Think if in your fashion blog you are going to make only entries or post or you will also create pages, the pages are for the more elaborate and fixed content within your blog, usually the pages are more worked at the composition level.


Choose colors, look for a palette or if you want to start with the classic black and white, this seems a bit random but not at all, there are times that the demo has colors that we love but think that it is very difficult for your content to fit and sometimes They make us choose themes with very powerful colors that we have to change because they don”t fit our content.


Look for a font for the titles that adds personality and for the body of the text a letter that is legible and according to your taste when in doubt, opt for the simplest, because it is something that you can change at any time

I complete this selection of wordpress themes for beauty, fashion, makeup and lifestyle blogs with a couple of blogger templates

The Gem

This Theme for fashion has about 150 layout demos ready to import, among which at least half can be totally valid for beauty blogs.

Being a multipurpose template it can be used for many types of blogs and businesses, which is an advantage

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