The best care to wear gray hair naturally

Wear white hair and do it safely. Pay attention to the care of your hair, the products you use or the type of hairstyle and get to wear a mane in which gray hair is no longer the problem.

Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton or Jamie Lee Curtis. Three celebrities, three red carpet women, but also three examples of a look in which gray hair is not a problem. Why should they be? Richard Gere and Viggo Mortensen have been wearing them for years. Nobody thinks that they stop being attractive because they have gray hair. In fact, for some people they are even more, like that prototype of a mature and elegant man who even a gray hair or more than a couple suits. Stereotypes aside, on the other hand, women are concerned in most cases about showing perfect hair; dark, light, redhead … whatever, the case is to eliminate gray hair. With them the idea of ​​aging. Because what a white hair associate with the years is inevitable. However, more and more women are joining body positive  movements, making visible what has been hidden for decades; sexual orientation, stretch marks, cellulite, acne, overweight and gray hair were not going to be less.

In fact, many people prefer to take care of their health without using chemicals that disguise white hair. It is about offering a different style and with security. But how do you get it? Even more so after decades in which the physical aspect of women has been, and continues to be, subject to the laws of patriarchy. Or, what is the same, to the perfection and idealization of the physical aspect of the woman. And it is that, according to data from the leading company in Stair lifts, three out of ten women and nine out of ten men give up dyeing their white hair. However, while 70% of them see gray hair as attractive Almost the same percentage of men see white-haired women as “older.” Fortunately, this perception begins to change.

But where do gray hair come from? Why are there people who have more than others? Keep in mind that hair color is due to melanin, a pigment produced by hair follicles. There are different types of melanomas, which give rise to black, brown, blond or reddish hair. Over the years, these cells disappear, so the hair lightens and gray hair appears. In general, the process begins at age 30, but there are those who already see their first white hairs in adolescence, while in other people their appearance is delayed until beyond 50; at this age, most people have 50% of their white hair.

Another factor that influences the appearance of gray hair and its intensity is genetics. It also depends on ethnic characteristics; for example, Asians or Amerindians suffer less. The environmental factors, the stress or smoking could also affect the appearance of gray hair. Therefore, taking care of yourself implies well-being in many habits. Not only in the aesthetic part, but lowering the rhythm of life or maintaining a healthy diet.

Not everyone wants to go through the bondage of hiding their gray hair with often harsh chemicals for hair and scalp. Perhaps they prefer more natural hair, with its gray hair and the passage of time. If so, we show you the best care to wear gray hair with confidence:

Prevents hair loss

Hair loss can be a losing battle for genetic and age reasons, but there are other avoidable causes to watch out for. To keep it healthy, it is necessary to have a healthy and varied diet, take care of the hygiene of the scalp and consult the dermatologist if there are any problems such as fat, itching, flaking or excessive and sudden loss.

Washing frequency

It is advisable to keep the scalp clean even by washing it daily. It is not true that frequent washing favors the fall or damages the hair. The important thing is to use a good shampoo that is not aggressive.

Protects hair

Gray hair can be perfectly white without the need to apply any product. For this, it is necessary to avoid that the hair has contact with the chlorine or with the colonies and not subject it to excessive exposure to the sun. When white hair tends to yellow, shades of violet or bluish hue can be applied   to counteract the effect.

The normal thing is to use these products moderately, at most, once a week, and if possible, mix them by hand with another product so as not to apply them directly.

He regularly goes to the hairdresser

Take advantage of your mane. Gray hair and the constant obligation to go to the hairdresser to dye you no longer matter. Now go to a beauty salon to cut your hair when necessary, so that it presents a healthy appearance that adapts to fashion. Also, keep in mind that age not only turns hair white, but also decreases its thickness and abundance. That is why it is necessary to look for that cut that favors you the most and with which you feel safe.

Attention to hairstyle

Be careful with hairstyles that tighten the scalp, such as pigtails, buns or tight curlers, because they can cause so-called traction alopecia in some areas. The same goes for hairpins and headbands. If the hair is repeatedly pulled out, it will not come out again. Therefore, find that hairstyle that best suits you and take care of it. A new haircut can even help us look much more attractive and original.

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