The Best Benefits of Training with a Friend

One of the best decisions you can make is choosing a partner to train with, as training with a friend will help motivate you and achieve goals.

Benefits of training with a friend or a group of athletes

One of the best decisions you can make after the decision to start training is choosing a partner to train with. Many studies have shown that exercising with a friend or group of colleagues ensures that you will work harder and longer than if you were doing it alone.

Healthy competition

Training with another person brings a sense of competition to the training. When you see your friend squeeze that last repetition, you will be more likely to try harder during your series.


If investing in a personal trainer is necessary for your fitness goals, splitting the cost with your partner is a good benefit.

Accountability and Encouragement

When working with someone, you are investing in your success. You can”t just decide to stay in bed and not go for a run when you know your partner or group of runners is waiting for you.

When you think you can”t possibly do one more kilometer, they are there to support and motivate you.

Health is contagious

Obesity can be socially contagious. So if we apply it to the contrary, you could have a healthy lifestyle. By dating healthy and fit people, their habits can apply to you.

Get a good training partner

As in life, you have to choose your training partner carefully. You want someone to test you and cheer you on. You don”t want someone who won”t leave you after the first workout or anyone who yells “In your face!”

Be aware that your partner must have the ability to keep commitments and their availability. Choose someone who can follow through with a commitment and who shares your interest. 


Be frank with your partner about the amount of time you are willing to spend on a training program and don”t overestimate it. Decide on a calendar together and then put it on your calendar. Once a task makes its way onto your calendar, you are more likely to complete it, even if it is exercises.

Here are some tips on how to stick to a training program:

  • Trim interruptions: Make sure your family and friends know this is training time. You should not, ‘send a dozen WhatsApp, make plans for dinner or family gatherings.” If you need the phone for your workout, keep ringtone alerts and text messages silent.
  • Always be prepared:  Prepare your training material the night before, so you do not waste precious time looking for it, placing it etc…
  • Do not exceed the calendar: Those of you who are heavy athletes need to keep your training out of the “overworked” zone. This is when injuries are more likely to occur.

Athletic Skill and Mood

You will get more out of your training if your partner is a little better or more athletic than you. Individuals work longer when they had the perception that their partner was more skilled and expressed only the minimal stimulus.

The researchers thought that the participants might have found constant encouragement from an athlete more capable of being condescending.

Also, if your partner is more experienced, you can be motivated to pick up skills faster and learn tips to improve performance.

So try training with a friend or your partner and start moving. Your body will thank you.

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