Temtem prohibits access to more than 900 cheats, appeals will not be reviewed

Temtem has been one of the revolutions of this past January. The launch of early access to the Spanish game on PC through Steam has generated a great international reception and has made a very good impression.

The title developed by the Crema Games studio, based on the playability of sagas as Pokémon, has registered a high number of downloads and that has its good things, but also bad ones, since it has attracted the attention of the cheats.

Temtem has banned almost 900 users for cheating and exploits. The news has been known through a tweet from the official Temtem Twitter account. In it, the developer describes that almost 900 players have been permanently expelled from Temtem due to intentionally using traps or abuses.

In a later tweet, Crema Gmes made it clear that he had no intention of becoming more permissive with cheats and such practices in the game. “And we are not done with this, we will continue to detect and prohibit access. There is no place in the archipelago for cheats.

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