Taking care of your body: fashion or necessity?

Taking care of the body and health has become one of the main objectives for a good part of the world”s population. This leads us to ask ourselves the following question: Is body care a simple fashion trend or is it a real necessity? We reveal why health and sport are, today, upward trends in our society.

According to a recent study carried out by my protein, an average adult in spends around 165 euros a month on wellness and fitness , a figure that would reach up to 123,250 euros for a lifetime. This report points out that Spaniards are above the European average in terms of welfare spending. And it should be noted that Italians are the Europeans who spend the most money each year on caring for their bodies.

In addition, according to this survey, most of the money we spend on health and fitness is concentrated on gym subscriptions and the purchase of sports supplements. Specifically, we spend an average of between 36 and 73 euros each month.

What is the importance of body care?

The frenetic rhythms of life to which we are subjected daily do not allow us to take care of our body as we should. However, taking care of health and the body are the fundamental basis for enjoying a full and healthy life. The human body is a high precision machine that requires specific care so that everything is in order. Therefore, it is essential not to neglect fundamental aspects such as food, rest and physical exercise.

Therefore, achieving a better state of health must become one of our priority objectives in life. We must start by following a healthy diet that contains all the nutrients that our body needs every day. Therefore, it is advisable to eat a diet based on the intake of fresh and low-fat foods. But above all, it is important to reduce the consumption of processed products.

The exercise is one of the fundamental pillars of the care of the body and health. As recognized by experts, people should do at least one hour of exercise three times a week.

Maintaining a healthy weight, sleeping a minimum of seven hours each night, ensuring good oral dental hygiene and adequate protection from the sun are also necessary habits to take care of our body and our health.

Main advantages of sport on health

It is scientifically proven that people who practice sports on a regular basis enjoy a better state of health than those who choose to lead a sedentary life. Physical exercise gives us all these advantages and benefits:

· On a physical level

All the organs of our body need sport in order to work properly and fulfill all their functions. Practicing physical exercise often improves the shape and physical endurance. At the same time, it contributes to having a correct level of blood pressure, improving the functioning of the heart, maintaining an adequate body weight and improving insulin levels in the blood, among many other benefits.

· On a psychological level

It has been proven that sport not only provides us with infinite benefits on a physical level, but is also very beneficial for the health of our mind. Among the main benefits at a psychological level that we can obtain from sport are: the improvement of the self-image, the increase of self-esteem, the prevention of mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety, a decrease in tension and the stress of the day a day, and also, it helps us sleep and rest better.

We have it clear: taking care of the body brings greater health to our mind and body.

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