OnePlus aims for the launch of its first television for 2019

OnePlus seems determined to follow the steps that have led Xiaomi to her current position. Although much more slowly (which could otherwise be more sustainable), the Chinese manufacturer  has begun to diversify its catalog with the introduction of new products. The biggest one is yet to arrive, but it is already beginning to be glimpsed. It will be a television and presumably will arrive in 2019 with an emphasis on design, image quality and sound.

The news has been given by Pete Lau, the head of the company. In an interview with the Indian edition of Business Insider. The executive has pointed out that the current market is “fairly traditional in terms of functions and experience”, factors that would play an important role in the first OnePlus TV. Moreover, Lau says that other manufacturers “have not integrated the Internet well” in their TVs, while OnePlus would be offering continuous updates to increase their performance and connectivity possibilities during the five years after its launch.

Currently it is not at all strange that many companies forget to release updates for their TVs within a few years of its release. The fact that OnePlus dares to speak of a continuous updating plan for five years is therefore striking (and even intriguing). All in all, the CEO of OnePlus is the first to admit that “it will not be something perfect and absolutely complete and revolutionary” from the first day, suggesting that his strategy as a manufacturer of smart televisions will be developed very gradually.

One of the fundamental pillars of this strategy will be the deployment of some kind of artificial intelligence technology. It is not clear if it is a voice assistant to use, despite Business Insider paraphrases the interest of Lau in offering features already available through Amazon Echo and Google Home . More controversial could be the integration of a camera as a fundamental part of the television, particularly in terms of its implications on the privacy of users . “We have it in mind and we will have a solution,” has been limited to declaring the OnePlus manager.

As for its performance, all there are are vague promises. It is impossible to talk about resolution (which is not a small thing with 8K on the horizon ) or support for different types of HDR, so fans should settle for the promise that the first OnePlus TV will be a “premium” product and with capabilities comparable to other featured models , although predictably at a lower price. Anyway, “the decision has been made” and the still anonymous first OnePlus TV will come true, so we can only expect the dissemination of official details throughout the next year or the appearance of the first leaks. What comes before.