Suit with suspenders: When and how to combine them? We tell you

Surely when you think of dressing elegant a suit with suspenders and a bow tie comes to mind. Although it is a classic, it is still in fashion and many men use this combination to look perfect.

Logically, by going a bit out of the standard way of dressing, you have to be sure of the look and wear it with personality. Therefore, it is very important to know how to combine it correctly to project the image and style that really identify you.

On what occasions can we take them?

It seems that suspenders are no longer considered an old garment and are ragingly topical. As you can imagine, now it escapes a bit of the old-fashioned and boring style, but it is normal to see a blue suit with suspenders and a bow tie. Go out of the box to surprise and stand out from others.

This second youth that the suspenders live have made them the perfect complement for a suit. Leave behind your boring ties of a lifetime to bet on this practical and comfortable classic. In addition, they are ideal both in formal contexts and if you want to go out of the conventional in your casual looks.

Do not think that the suspenders are only suitable for special dates. They can be used at any time, without it being a special event. Therefore, incorporating them into your usual clothing is the first step to feel more comfortable with them and combining them with your favorite clothes.

Some tips on how to wear them and how to combine them

Although we think that the best option may be a suit with suspenders and a tie, the reality is that they can also be perfectly worn with jeans, making a nice contrast between a more relaxed style and a note of sobriety. In the same way, the colors can match the shirt you are wearing or opt for black suspenders that usually combine with everything.

The straps in the shape of a “Y” at the back are usually more comfortable, especially for those who are not used to wearing them, so we recommend this type if you are starting to use them. On the other hand, those with an “X” shape offer a more elegant and careful look if you decide to take off your jacket or suit.

The suit with suspenders is usually the most common combination. In the neck, both the tie and the bow tie marry perfectly, although it is advisable not to use too many colors that kill each other or otherwise your look will not work so well.

Ultimately, one of the great barriers they encounter is mental, since they have traditionally been associated with older or heavy people. However, in recent times we have seen that suspenders have become the ideal complement for modern men.

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