Stress out! Thanks to mindfulness, yoga and meditation

The current pace of life leads many people to suffer from anxiety problems. That is why there are many who begin the practice of disciplines such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness to reduce stress, improve the level of concentration and facilitate rest, among other important advantages.

Mindfulness gives the possibility of becoming aware of the current moment, focusing on one”s thoughts and emotions, the sensations experienced, breathing and the surrounding environment.

What advantages does mindfulness have for the person who practices it?

An important advantage of this discipline is that anyone can practice it, wherever they are. Through a mindfulness course you can acquire the necessary knowledge to get the most out of this healthy practice.

Through mindfulness, you can achieve a deep state of awareness free of judgments about your own feelings, sensations or thoughts, paying attention to what happens to the person inside. They will be able to look at your thoughts in perspective, without delving into their content.

Another activity that helps reduce stress is yoga. In fact, 40% of adults prefer it for this purpose, according to a study. Mindfulness and meditation also appear in this report, as relaxing practices.

Yoga seeks a perfect balance between mind and body, and has achieved such popularity that only in the last five years the number of people who practice it in Spain has multiplied by four.

Those who are between 35 and 65 years old are the ones who most resort to yoga as a means of releasing stress, and find in this activity a way to exercise the body. While many of them alternate yoga with meditation or mindfulness, more prefer to focus on just one of these practices. The increased training and accessibility to yoga has made it possible for there to be more and more centers with instructors to conduct classes effectively.

How can yoga help us?

Among the main reasons indicated by those people who are passionate about this discipline to start in it, three are worth highlighting. The most important, the fact that yoga helps them reduce stress and improves their concentration, providing balance and mental clarity in each class. The other two reasons that have been pointed out is that it contributes to the conditioning of the body, improving flexibility, resistance and coordination, and the fact that yoga improves the general state of health.

The study has also revealed that at least 65% of those people who suffer or have suffered stress at some time in their lives, have ever thought about practicing yoga. This figure is quite positive for the practice of relaxation activities, taking into account that in today”s society stress is too present.


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