StreamItAll Radio, FM stations on your phone with good playback quality

Among the many functions that a current smartphone can perform, one of them is to use it as a radio player. Some applications allow this to be achieved even if a tuner is not included inside the device, since they use the Internet connection to do their job, such as StreamItAll Radio.

The truth is that having such a development is always a good idea, since with it is possible from listening to music to the live broadcast of a sporting event. In the case of StreamItAll Radio, which is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets , we are talking about a development that is not especially complex and does not consume data excessively, since it usually locates existing stations of 128 Kbps or less – so We talked about your requirement being similar to the one Spotify has.

Something to know about this development is that it is very simple to use, since the user interface is not complicated despite the fact that StreamItAll Radio is not translated. And, the truth is that this is not a problem at all, since everything that has to be done with the application is achieved through icons that have a very representative image, so this is one of the cases that the dependency the language is really low. Besides, there is a side menu most recognizable that makes it possible to go from one section to another of the application very quickly. Of course, the design offered by the work is not exactly very attractive, since it is very Spartan because there is no animation or anything that makes it stand out especially, so we believe it needs a face lift.

In what has to do with the functions offered by the development, these are limited because apart from listening to an FM station that is available (you can register new , even manually), StreamItAll Radio does not offer many more possibilities – that is, nothing to use development as a podcast or similar. By the way, a great detail of the software we are talking about is that the compatibility is excellent, since even in models with quad-core processors it runs with excellent fluidity.

Use of the StreamItAll Radio application

Simplicity is the predominant note, since simply pressing on the station you wish to listen to starts playback. Then a new screen appears in which in the central area you see the representative icon -if it exists- and in the lower one the only controls available: stop and start a playback. By the way, in the Notification Bar there is a card that allows you to control what is heard in the background if desired. The same simplicity exists to, for example, clear the lake since you just have to click on the trash can icon.

Other possibilities available on StreamItAll Radio are being able to add new stations as we have indicated; perform searches in different sections; and, in addition, something that is very interesting: it is possible to send the sound to a Chromecast player, so the TV becomes the place where the radio is heard (there is an icon enabled for this).

Download the StreamItAll Radio application

It is possible to achieve this both in the Galaxy Store and in the Google Play Store . In both cases you do not have to pay anything for it, but because of this you have to put up with some ads at the bottom of the screen -if you pay, these are removed-. A simple development with limited options, but that works really well to listen to the radio anywhere.

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