Sport: your best ally against post-vacation depression

Returning to the practice of exercise after summer can be a challenge … But with these exercises it will be easier for you to recover the rhythm … Guaranteed!

Many already enjoy their last days of holidays stretched on some lost beach, anxious that the fateful day of having to return to the dreaded routine never comes.

But, unless we are lucky enough to not have to work, we can do little to prevent the time from coming, and although many of us are getting metalized to face “back to school”, many people begin to suffer the known symptoms of sadness, apathy and even lack of energy, which also tend to worsen during the first two weeks after returning to our routine.

This is due to the so-called post-vacation syndrome. Some of the most typical symptoms of this, call it, ailment, are: irritability, loss of appetite, sleep disturbance, concentration and attention span. In addition, it can occur in both adults and children. The positive side is that, although it can last up to 3 weeks, the help of a professional is not usually necessary, since there are some simple habits that, if we incorporate them little by little, will make us feel better and recover that lack of energy that we need so much.

Among the remedies to regain motivation, in addition to trying to follow healthy schedules, try to sleep between 7 and 8 hours a day, and avoid alcohol or caffeine (since these can exacerbate the feeling of stress or depression), is the sports practice, which is especially beneficial since, with it, we release endorphins and serotonin. These two hormones are responsible for creating a feeling of satisfaction and happiness after workouts. In addition, within a few minutes of starting to exercise, your body will also start producing dopamine, another hormone that, secreted early in the day, will help you Improve concentration throughout the day.

Anyway, we take into account that recovering sports habits is not easy either! Surely, during the holidays, both your body and your brain have been doing other things and have forgotten the immediate benefits of playing sports. Now, just thinking that we have to go jogging or do that routine in the gym, it makes us lazy, right?

Therefore, for you to dust off your fitness goals notebook and get back into your sport routine and take advantage of all its benefits, you have to recover the habit little by little and follow these tips.

Tips to resume your sports habits

Keep in mind that, after the holidays, your muscles are more relaxed than ever, so recovering the state in which you left them before summer, requires certain guidelines:

  1. Be very patient

Whether you have decided to try a new sport, prepare for that marathon in a few months, or just continue with your old routine, you should do it in a calm and leisurely way. It”s no use spending hours and hours on the treadmill to “make up for lost days.” What”s more, you will only be able to overload your muscles and it will take a lot more work to keep a record during the first days after your return.

  1. Find your motivation

Take the opportunity to tidy up your sports equipment, or even get new acquisitions and replace that yoga mat or those leggings with others with which you feel good. All this will make you acquire the mentality necessary to be ready and give yourself a shot in the gym.

  1. Take off the complexes

Well, yes, we all commit excesses during the holidays, but you also have to know how to enjoy life and, above all, be less demanding of ourselves! If you feel that the pants squeeze you something more than a few weeks ago, or that you have something more of “tummy”, try not to look so much in aesthetics, but rather in how sport makes you feel. You will see how, little by little, you are recovering your figure.

  1. Take care of your diet … But with a head

Whether you want to lose weight or want to increase your muscle mass a balanced and unrestricted diet (that is, without starving) will not only make your return to sport less dramatic, but will also help you face your day to day with more energy and positivism.

  1. Set yourself attainable goals

The days after returning from the holidays are not the perfect time to consider new challenges , but to be patient, pamper yourself and do activities that make you feel good, with which you can recover normalcy.

  1. Better in company

When we return from the holidays we begin to spend more time at home or in the office, again locked between four walls. Therefore, a good remedy to combat post-vacation depression is to play sports in society, and if it is better, outdoors!

  1. Look for positive feelings

Sport is to have fun improving our physical appearance, our self-confidence … But never, never to have a bad time. Therefore, look for these positive sensations and prevent the practice of sports from becoming tedious.


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