Socks, a detail that must be taken care of

The socks are a supplement that all men should care if we want to improve the bottom line of our attire. They are a garment that most of the time are hidden under our pants, showing only on some occasions; we still need to make sure they are in good taste by the time we leave them on display.

Even if you think that it is not worth taking care in choosing the color or design of our socks, keep in mind that these small details are what project our style, and define in some way the man who wears them.

It is essential that the socks are long, they must cover at least up to the middle of the calf, or a little below the knee, because there is nothing more unsightly and in bad taste than to show part of the leg, which results with a lot of frequency when sitting down and crossing your legs (observe the members who participate in an interview or television gathering). They must also be tight, thus preventing wrinkles from being seen and not falling off. Nor should socks be worn so thin that they appear transparent. Another detail of great importance is the choice of size, that is, make sure it is our size, neither bigger nor smaller. And also keep in mind that they are drunk to renew quite frequently, avoiding that they look worn or very deteriorated.

There are many men who think that choosing black socks is impossible to fail. And there is nothing further from the truth. According to the protocol rule, they must be dressed combining them according to the color of our suit.

Although there are two basic rules when choosing the color of our socks. On the one hand the option of choosing the color of the socks taking into account the color of the shoes and on the other choosing its color according to the color of the pants, without a doubt this second choice is the most successful. Because by choosing socks of the same color as the pants, we achieve an optical effect of prolonging the pants. Otherwise if we wear black socks with pants of another color (gray, navy, etc.) we would visualize a sudden change of colors that would only shorten our figure.

As it is difficult to find socks in exactly the same color tone as the pants, we must decide on socks of the same color, and always a tone that is darker than the pants since the visual jump is less than that which would occur when choosing one. Lighter tonality.

It is extremely important that white socks should never be worn with dark shoes or dress shoes. Also only in summer, with moccasins or nautical socks can be dispensed with.

Finally, bear in mind that at some point or somewhere, one ends up having to take off their shoes and the possibility that our socks look old or deteriorated says very little about us. If we show so much importance when choosing a good suit or a good tie, let”s spend a few minutes choosing some elegant socks.

Taking care of these small details, we can consider our socks one more part of our outfit, which will demonstrate the attention we pay to details and to our elegance, a fundamental attribute of a true gentleman.

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