Side effects of supplements with amino acids or BCAAs

The branched chain amino acids are essential substances for the metabolism of our body. These cannot be synthesized by our body, so the only way to use them is by ingesting them through food. BCAAs or branched chain amino acids are essential nutrients that we obtain through the synthesis of proteins from different foods: legumes, meat, dairy products, etc. Currently, many people choose to take these supplements to improve their muscle mass and physical performance. however, you need to be aware of the possible side effects of amino acid or BCAA supplements. If you are interested in knowing them, keep reading this article in which we detail them.

BCAA or amino acid supplements to gain muscle mass

Within a sports context it is possible to consume branched-chain amino acids in supplements, since they are very beneficial for physical performance and muscle development. In this sense, numerous training programs combine their exercise tables with a nutritional guide that contains the intake of these branched-chain amino acid compounds. Various studies have confirmed that branched-chain amino acids have a direct effect on the development of muscle mass and the reduction of its wear and tear and that, also, they act as agents that enhance physical performance.

Side effects of taking BCAAs or amino acid supplements

But, before its daily consumption in supplements or compounds, are there side effects? Here are some points that clarify this concept:

  • The relationship between l-leucine, l-valine and l-isoleucine (essential branched amino acids) with the appearance of varicocele(dilated spermatic cord veins) in athletes is being investigated, since it is suspected that it is very likely that they do Hague.
  • Large amounts of BCAAs during the course of workouts decrease the absorption of water by the intestine. This can lead to gastrointestinal problems.
  • In cases of large doses in one intake, there have been cases of intolerance to branched chain amino acids.

In general, the adverse effects of branched- chain amino acid supplements go hand in hand with irresponsible use of the product. It is important to put yourself in the hands of a specialist who will tell us the amounts and frequency of consumption of these compounds in our particular case. It should be noted that our health is at stake and, therefore, we must use all our common sense when starting this nutritional practice. Both a doctor and a physical trainer should be consulted to obtain control of our diet and avoid possible future disorders.

BCAAs should be treated like any other food, so detailed information on their composition and possible side effects will help us clear up the first doubts about their consumption.

Currently, branched-chain amino acid supplements form a beneficial symbiosis with the daily training of athletes; in this case it has a great impact on the development of muscle mass. Therefore, exercises or sports in which strength work is the main focus will be highly benefited: gym exercises, weights, bodybuilders, weightlifting, etc., are sports practices that are part of the consumption of branched-chain amino acid supplements, increasing the effort and reducing the muscular wear of athletes.

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