Short or long sleeve shirts, when to use them?

Is it common for you to wear shirts? We imagine that your closet will be full of them. However, do you know when it”s time to wear a short sleeve or long sleeve outfit? When selecting your look, you must have a series of considerations encompassed in protocols, combinations, personal touch… Today we want to shed a little light on the issue by distinguishing the different moments in which you can choose one alternative or another. Take your notebook and take note of everything!

When is it time to wear long-sleeved shirts?

Come on, you know that very well! Long-sleeved shirts are suitable for any occasion, at any time of year and for any style. It is enough to have good taste when choosing the pattern, color and gender.

However, there are some recommendations regarding the protocol. In the case of more formal events, it is advisable to choose monochrome designs. In addition, this will give you more facilities when combining other accessories such as a tie, a bow tie… The cold and more discreet colors will give you a much more sober look.

Another good alternative is to change the belt for suspenders, which are a trend. Of course, do not forget that any accessory must respect the set in terms of style and protocol.

But not only for formal occasions do long-sleeved shirts live, as they are also ideal for more relaxed events. With jeans, an original belt and rubber-soled shoes, they will be fete.

When is it time to wear short-sleeved shirts?

To tell the truth, short-sleeved shirts have a very limited use, unlike the previous case. In fact, we only advise you to use them to go sports with jeans, a belt that stands out and sports. Now that we are in the summer season, you can also add them to your outfit with denim shorts and summer shoes, such as moccasins.

If your style is closer to hippie, your ideal option is to acquire shirts with striking prints that have floral or animal themes. In this case, a perfect combination is keeping the garment completely open and incorporating a tank top.

Of course, you cannot forget a series of prohibitions that would only get the whole thing dirty. Among them we can highlight:

  • Say goodbye to blazers. On more than one occasion you will have seen people (if they can be called that) who choose this alternative. Big mistake!
  • Do not use short-sleeved shirts with elegant accessories suchas ties, bow ties, suspenders.

Now that you know the basic rules, you have no excuse. Follow our advice and you will never fail

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