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Short celebrity phrases are the best way we have to enjoy and share the wisdom of great thinkers. They are perfect to read during a break at work, to share them on our social networks or to decorate our spaces with those that inspire us to be better. From VirallyMedia we bring you the best ones just for you:

  1. The following is a wise advice from Charles Chaplin. We must never stop learning, because our growth depends on it, but we cannot forget to live to the fullest:

Learn as if you were going to live a lifetime, and live as if you were going to die tomorrow. Charles Chaplin.

  1. A famous short phrase very similar to the previous one, Mahatma Gandhi invites us to live life with all our energies, but to learn as if our future was not limited:

Live as if you will die tomorrow; learn as if the world would last forever. Mahatma Gandhi.

  1. We have to be honest with ourselves, we are afraid to live and that is why we see life full of dangers and failures. Wise thought of Charles Chaplin:

Life is wonderful if you are not afraid. Charles Chaplin.

  1. Confucius tells us that we can be defeated hundreds of times and there is nothing painful about it. The true winner is the one who stands up again and again:

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we fall. I confuse.

  1. Pier Paolo Pasolini reminds us that in life no stage is better than another, each one is perfect if we know how to live it:

The best of life is the past, the present and the future. Pier Paolo Pasolini.

  1. Gladiator left us a great message to guide our lives on the right track. Remember that every action you take will always be remembered:

The actions we undertake in life will be remembered in eternity. Gladiator

  1. Surprisingly, we are not poor for having little or no money, but for wanting too much. A wise advice from Seneca that invites us to control our ambition to be happy:

He who has little is not poor, but he who desires much. Seneca

  1. Our duties, although they may seem tedious, can represent the happiness of others. Interesting words of Victor Hugo that we can analyze from different points of view:

Duty has an immense resemblance to the happiness of others. Victor Hugo

  1. Similar to the previous sentence is the following and that is, if our duties make others happy, our first obligation is to be happy first:

The first obligation of every human being is to be happy, the second to make others happy.

  1. Bob Marley was a fervent defender of peace. If two animals that are considered natural enemies can get along, why don”t we humans?

If dog and cat can be together, why can”t we love each other? Bob Marley

  1. John Stuart Mill reveals to us the main reason why we are not completely happy. We must stop asking ourselves so many questions and just live:

Ask yourself if you are happy, and you will stop being happy. John Stuart Mill

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