Sea salt also takes care of your skin

When used in a relaxing bath with essences, for a body exfoliation or absorbed by breathing in a saline space, it is a great ally.

Salt is one of the most abundant compounds in nature and is also present in our body.

It is found in two states, dissolved in the waters of the seas and some lakes, and in a more or less pure mineral form – rock salt – where seas from other geological eras have completely dried up.

Sea salt is obtained by evaporation of sea water and is made up of 86% sodium chloride, although it also contains trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, manganese or iodine.

Salt is necessary to maintain a physiological balance between chlorine and sodium in our body, and through these and other ions such as calcium and iodine it participates in regulating the pH balance between acid and alkaline.

The skin is one of the organs that best reflects the imbalance in this regulatory system, since the increase in sodium chloride in body fluids implies an increase in dehydration of the skin that must be corrected by increasing water intake.


The use of marine elements, such as water, salt, algae, mud and minerals for the care of the health and beauty of the skin is the foundation of thalassotherapy.

These treatments are applied in spas and thermal centers, where products such as peloids are used, formed by the mixture of mineral-medicinal waters or sea water with organic and inorganic matter, which allow the application of heat on the body and cause vasodilation and sweating.

On the other hand, breathing in a marine environment and using crystalline rock salt at home or in the office as a natural ionizer that enhances air quality (through the production of negative ions), has notable health benefits: it reduces stress, relieves asthmatic attacks and also provides a very pleasant sensation of freshness.

Halotherapy, a technique that consists of breathing in an environment saturated with salt aerosols, purifies and strengthens the respiratory tract, stimulates the immune system, protects the skin and also offers good relaxation

For those who do not have the possibility of taking a walk along the seashore, there is the alternative of solariums, very fashionable in beauty centers and spas. These are rooms similar to a sauna, formed by plates of crystallized salt that mimic the conditions inside a salt mine.

The first salt chambers were created to treat allergic diseases but the benefits that the saline environment brings to skin care have been demonstrated.

Sessions last about 30 minutes and are accompanied by soft lighting, cool, dry air, and calming music, who doesn”t want to try?


When we take a bath in salt water, whether in the sea or in the bathtub at home, the minerals in the salt penetrate the skin in the form of ions and stimulate the body, activating the healing mechanisms.

To do this, the bathtub is filled to 37 ºC and a salt concentration close to body fluids is added, that is, 1%. For a normal bathtub of 100 or 120 liters, you will have to use 1 kilo of sea salt.

The bath should last from 20 to 30 minutes and after drying well, it remains at rest for half an hour.

These baths are recommended to treat skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, neurodermatitis or for rheumatic disorders and muscle contractures, but they are contraindicated in the case of severe circulatory disease.

We propose three highly recommended salt baths with different benefits:


  1. Fill a basin with:
    • Three liters of cold water
    • A handful of rosemary salt
    • 10 essential drops of orange
    • 10 drops of cypress essential oil
  2. Do a foot bath for 15 minutes.
  3. Then apply an exfoliating solution with:
    • Half a tablespoon of sea salt
    • Half a tablespoon of oatmeal
    • Two tablespoons of aloe gel
    • 5 drops of grapefruit essence


Add to the bathtub:

  • Three handfuls of lavender salt
  • Two handfuls of rolled oats
  • One liter of chamomile infusion.

Stay 20 minutes.


Add to the bath water:

  • Three handfuls of orange blossom salts
  • One liter of lemon verbena infusion
  • 20 drops of lavender essence.

Stay for 20 minutes.

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