Samsung Music, a simple player that integrates with Spotify

The Samsung Music application is a development that allows you to enjoy the music you have on your Android device and, now, they offer advanced options to integrate with cloud-based services so its utility is extended. We indicate the most interesting thing you will find in this development.

The truth is that when testing this development, we have found a job that is very well designed and that incorporates a very clean interface that makes it very clear what has to be done at all times. And, in addition, Samsung Music is fully translated so there is no loss among the options it offers (which are more than initially thought). By the way, one of the great attractions of this software is that you don”t have to pay anything to get it – not even the updates that are being released.

Once Samsung Music is running, you have to grant permissions to access the files on your terminal so that it scans and recognizes all the sound tracks that are installed, the application opens in the area in the middle you can see the tracks that are available and simply by clicking on one of them you start playback. By the way, it is possible to filter by artist, lists (you can create as many as you want simply by clicking on the button with the “+” symbol on the screen) or song title. That is to say, that it does not lack anything to be a tool as useful as recognizable when it comes to listening to music.

In what has to do with what you see when you hear a song, the truth is that everything is very recognizable. In the upper area you see a representative image, such as the album cover if you have it, and in the lower one the playback controls, where all the usual ones are. By the way, Samsung Music does not lack the ability to choose to run everything continuously or randomly, which is ideal for when it goes in cars, for example. An important detail is that the compatibility with the different audio formats is total, without missing the well-known MP3, for example.

Additional Samsung Music options

One of the interesting ones is that from the development, by clicking on the icon with three vertical dots in the upper right area it is possible to access Settings that offer configuration possibilities that are quite useful. An example is to be able to program the shutdown of Samsung Music, in order to be sure that at a certain time if you are asleep everything will stop working. Additionally, we have been struck by the possibility of eliminating silences between tracks or being able to establish an intelligent volume for hours and moments. Note that it is also possible to directly use the sound configuration options that exist in the terminal, such as the equalizer which is currently integrated into the terminals of the Korean company or if the bass or treble is enhanced more.

One of the latest news included in Samsung Music is that it integrates with Spotify. In the left-most part of the interface (it is accessed through gestures) it is possible to find this section that accesses the account in the streaming music service from the development of the Asian company completely. Therefore, all the necessary options are given to take advantage of your music, both locally and in the cloud.

In what has to do with sound, we have not verified that it deforms anything of the original that is had, and the compatibility with the different Android terminals is very high since it only occupies 27 MB in the device and works with terminals with Android 5.0 or superior. Something that is most common.

Download Samsung Music for Android

Downloading this development is very simple, since you have to follow the usual steps of the Android application stores. It is available both in the Galaxy App and in the Play Store, provided that a Korean company terminal is available. An excellent option that allows you to get the most out of your Samsung phone or tablet.

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