Rope High Pulley Arm Extension

The arm extension or triceps extension exercise on a high pulley with a triceps push rope or accessory is a variation of the classic high pulley extension that allows all triceps to be worked with more amplitude thanks to its use. A rope in V.

High rope pulley arm extension is highly recommended as a variation on classic triceps exercises. By incorporating it into some of your sessions, you will develop your triceps more fully by adding breadth and a slightly different angle. It is recommended to alternate the barbell high pulley extension and the rope high pulley extension for optimal triceps work.

Running the high pulley arm extension

Initial position

  • Equip a high pulley with a V-string and stand in front of it.
  • Place one hand on each end of the rope (palms facing each other) and spread your legs shoulder width apart (knees slightly bent).
  • Keeping your back straight, lean a few degrees forward, then pull your shoulders back, pull your chest out, and squeeze your abs.
  • Lower the rope low enough so that the forearms are parallel to the ground and the elbows are at a right angle.
  • Spread your hands across the width of your shoulders and place your elbows against the side walls (keep them immobile throughout the exercise). This is your starting position for this triceps exercise.

Execution of the movement

Forearm extension

  • Perform an extension of the forearms by contracting the triceps and extending the ends of the rope.
  • Slowly lower your forearms down and off your thighs until your arms are taut and perpendicular to the floor.
  • Stay in extension for a second.

Back to the starting position

  • Retract your forearms very slowly until you find the starting position.
  • By the time your elbows are at a right angle and your forearms are parallel to the ground, go no higher!
  • Repeat the movement as many times as necessary.


  • Exhale slowly during the extension phase, until the arms are stretched.
  • Inhale during the ascent.

Risks and mistakes to avoid

  • The torso should remain completely still during the exercise: do not swing to help you, as it cancels the effect of the exercise.
  • Keep your elbows close to your sides at all times: your arms should be still, only your forearms should move.
  • Do not keep your hands clenched at the bottom of the extension: the interest of the exercise is precisely to extend the hands outwards to work the triceps differently.
  • Do not go higher than the starting position between each movement to optimally target the triceps.
  • Don”t pick weights that are too heavy for your high rope pulley triceps extension – use loads that allow you to stretch your arms as much as you can throughout your set.

Exercise variations

  • Prone high prone extension.
  • Supine high pulley extension.
  • Horizontal extension on high pulley.

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