For long months, players have been waiting for the arrival of a new installment of Resident Evil, an eighth part that takes us to live an exciting adventure full of great dangers and imposing creatures. And so we are presented with Resident Evil Village, the exclusive adventure for the next generation.

The return of Resident Evil has been one of the most anticipated, causing even the players to be attentive to each of the new rumors that anticipated their announcement. But it was finally during the PlayStation 5 event that the company was encouraged to confirm one of the most anticipated big arrivals. In this way we got to know the terrifying proposal of Resident Evil Village.

Details on Capcom”s game name revealed

When this game was announced, many players, and also many media, did not hesitate to call it Resident Evil 8: Village, because the logo shows an orange VIII superimposed on the word Village, in the same way that VII was superimposed in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. However, the official title is Resident Evil Village, without any numeral, which has already led to many doubts that the producers of the game, Tsuyoshi Kanda and Peter Fabiano, have clarified in an interview with Famitsu.

When asked why the title is not Resident Evil 8, the producers stated that they consider the villa as one more character, and by putting it in the name, they believed that they would make players understand it. Also, when asked if the abbreviation is RE8 or Village, they indicate that there is no official abbreviation, but they would like people to remember Village, which increases curiosity about what role the village will have in history.

A rumor hints that the game will be compatible with virtual reality

Virtual reality is a feature increasingly present in video games and in the world of electronic entertainment. This revolutionary technology allows a host of possibilities to make the gameplay of some titles even more immersive and, in some cases, even more terrifying. In this case, a new rumor hints that Resident Evil 8 Village would be compatible with virtual reality devices. However, this great exclusive feature for PlayStation 5 has not been officially confirmed by Capcom, at least for now.

According to this rumor, during the conference and presentation of PlayStation 5, Resident Evil 8 Village showed a somewhat irregular progress in terms of frame rate. However, this leak ensures that it is not something to worry about. Apparently, the Capcom title will not only move at 30fps, but at 60fps stable, and the reason for this would be because the game is compatible with PlayStation VR. 

It is well known that games that support virtual reality require an even higher frame rate than the original in order to be played effectively. But despite the fact that this font has proven to be quite accurate previously, Capcom has not confirmed that Resident Evil 8 will be compatible with this technology.

The spectacular cinematic trailer for Resident Evil Village

During the Sony event we were confirmed with some of the most anticipated big arrivals for the next generation. Not only were we able to see the big comeback with the Horizon sequel, but we confirmed the return of the Capcom horror saga with Resident Evil Village. One of the titles that has had more leaks in recent months and of which, after a long wait, we have been able to see its terrifying appearance.

Thanks to the trailer, the presence of a large mansion, the arrival of dangerous creatures such as werewolves, and, of course, the return of a character well loved by fans, were confirmed. Chris Redfield returns with his darkest role and for which, at the moment, we do not know great details, although it has been mentioned that it will be one of the most important games in the game.

At the moment, the great news about this exclusive title for the next generation of consoles are few. Although a quick look at the Capcom website mentions that new data will be revealed throughout August, so there is certainly a general request being made for players to be patient?

Launch date and confirmed platforms

Although there are still many elements that we do not know about the premiere of Resident Evil Village, the Japanese company has already guaranteed some of the points that we must take into account for this great premiere. For example, although some fans expected that this release would also occur on current consoles, the developer herself indicated that this will not be the case, but will be exclusive to PC, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

Unfortunately, the current generation of consoles will be left out of this great proposal. The reason? As the company has pointed out, this is related to the characteristics of the current generation, which would prevent many of the new proposals that will be included in the title from being made. Among them, for example, the wide extension of the map with its open locations that will not limit the player to have to focus exclusively on the action inside the mansion.

Regarding its launch, although there is still a long way to go, the company has already confirmed an approximate launch window, a data that specifies that it is something provisional, subject to possible changes. But it seems that 2021 will be the year chosen for players to enjoy this terrifying adventure where, as confirmed, we will have more than one playable character and a new mystery to solve.

Resident Evil Village: The darkest story in the series

Although at the moment we are waiting for new official confirmations from the company, both its trailer and the official website of the game have allowed us to know some of the details that we will have well reflected in the game. Among them, how the story of Resident Evil Village will not only focus on closed places , but will also give spectacular experiences in open environments, thus taking advantage of the characteristics of the new generation of consoles.

This eighth installment of the horror saga has proven to fulfill all the rumors that have been shared to date. It leads us to a cold and dark setting where the snow will play a big role in the exterior locations of the mansion. And where, of course, the dangerous werewolves will be present, even though for the moment we do not know the mystery that surrounds them.

The characters who have confirmed their return so far

The video game, as confirmed in the cinematic trailer, will bring Ethan Winters back, being the main protagonist of this great adventure. In this installment, he has managed to achieve a certain stability and a normal life with his family or, at least, this is the case until Chris Redfield, a hero of yesteryear, turns this around, destroying all the peace he had known until now. .

Winters, leaving behind all the terror experienced in the seventh installment of the saga, will share his life with Mia, even though for the moment we do not know the great role of this character. But, if the rumors shared to date are fulfilled, this will have its gameplay scenes, with unique abilities and a slightly different playable style than that presented by winters and Redfield.

The gameplay and possible villains within the game

Resident Evil 8 Village will bet, once again, on the first person. In this way, the players will feel the action in a much more direct way, almost as if they were themselves the ones who face the dangerous creatures and that will come very well accompanied with the revolutionary controls of the new generation.

But if what has been seen so far in the rumors is fulfilled, there is talk that the villains of this great proposal would be a family that, by the mentions, would give a very dark point to the story. The presence of vampires has even been reported since werewolves have already confirmed their presence. But, with such a well-marked Umbrella logo in place, it seems we can expect great things from this great project.

For now, we will have to keep waiting to learn more about the great details that will accompany Resident Evil Village, a title that will come to PC, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. It is one of the most anticipated titles to date and one of the most desired tours by fans of the horror genre.

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