Red Dead Redemption 2: Easily get cigarette stamps

A guide with the simplest methods of completing this part of the 100% story mode of RDR 2.

Are you after 100% of the story mode of Red Dead Redemption 2? One of the most tedious requirements to achieve this is undoubtedly to collect cigarette stamps, especially if you look for their locations one at a time. In this guide of Red Dead Redemption 2, we show you a method to gather them much more easily. It is also more versatile, because it serves both to quickly complete the 100% requirement and for those who really want to collect each and every one of the pictures of the game.

Let”s start with the basics. In total, there are 12 collections of 12 prints each, for a total of 144 prints. All of them can be found in very specific places in the world, as well as looting random cigarette packages. The fact is that there is a letter from each collection that will be locked by default until you complete the “Smoking and other hobbies” mission, which is also necessary to meet the 100% completion requirement. We recommend that you follow the following steps religiously.

  1. Complete the mission “He who is free from sin …” inthe story mode, chapter 2. This will unlock the mission we discussed earlier.
  2. Go to the Flatneck station and find an NPC sitting on a smoking bench while waiting for the train. Talk to him to start the “Smoking and other hobbies” mission.
  3. Later we explain the method to acquire prints easily. When you have one of the entire 12 collections, go to a post office (in Valentine, for example) and send it to the NPC from the previous step. Return to the office the next day and you will have your rewards waiting for you. This is enough for 100% of the story mode, but if you want you can go ahead and get all of them.

The simplest alternative to get each and every one of the letters is as follows: go to any store (at Valentine you have a store near the post office) and buy first packets of cigarettes. Each of these packages contains a random stamp, so you could touch some repeated ones that you probably want to sell later to a perista. The first cigarette boxes can be found by opening the catalog and selecting “provisions> tobacco”, or if you want to speed up the process you can also take them from the shelf.

  1. Eventually, the bag will be filled with cigarette cases and in the catalog they will appear as ‘sold out”. When that happens, open your bag, discard the premium boxes and repeat the process again. Of course, you can do all this faster if you improve the bag. The last one is “legend of the east” and can be bought in Saint Denis for 140 dollars, if you already have all the previous ones. It allows you to carry 99 units of practically everything. And speaking of money, each box costs $ 4.50. Keeping your reputation very high, stores lower their items at half the price for you. It may not seem like much, but considering all the boxes you should buy, it is a great savings!


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