Recommendations to keep fit during menopause

Menopause is a crucial phase in a woman”s life, which brings about changes both physically and emotionally. Discover a few tips to keep fit during menopause.

How to be fit in menopause?

In addition to dismissing the reproductive cycle, women entering the menopause stage begin to feel a series of physical and emotional changes that do not go unnoticed. But don”t panic, because with menopausal diets and physical exercise you will be able to stay in top shape during this period of your life.

Hot flashes, hormonal changes, absence of menstrual period, sudden mood swings, weight gain. These are just some of the most common symptoms that women experience during menopause. It is a process that usually begins after the age of 45, and culminates with the definitive disappearance of menstruation, after the age of 50.

Physical exercise is one of the best allies to feel in top shape during menopause, and to carry this process in the best possible way. In fact, numerous scientific studies have echoed that physical activity during menopause prevents weight gain, strengthens bones, and protects against osteoporosis; it even reduces the risk of cancer.

If you are going through this crucial phase in the life of every woman, do not hesitate to follow these recommendations to feel in top shape:

1. Aerobic exercise

In addition to helping you lose those extra pounds, aerobic exercises are the best option to maintain a healthy weight during menopause. Walking lightly, riding a bike, jogging, swimming or practicing aqua gym are just some of the aerobic proposals that you can practice to stay in shape during menopause and also after it.

2. Balance exercises

Experts say that exercises that promote balance are one of the best alternatives to be in shape during menopause. They contribute to improving stability to prevent possible falls.

In addition to practicing them in the gym, or going out to a park to do tai chi , simple balance exercises can also be carried out on a day-to-day basis. You just have to raise one leg while you are doing some standing activity, such as while brushing your teeth or cooking.

3. Stretches

If you start practicing physical exercise regularly, you cannot ignore stretching. These warm up the muscles and make them more receptive to exertion. But in addition to preventing injuries, stretching is one of the fundamental keys to improving muscle flexibility during menopause.

4. Weight exercises

In addition to aerobic, balance and stretching exercises; the exercise that will help you the most to be in shape during menopause is muscle strengthening.

This type of exercise helps to eliminate the flaccidity of the tissues, and is essential to burn calories in a localized and efficient way. You can, for example, start using weight lifting machines, dumbbells, or use elastic bands to strengthen your back, arms, or chest.

If you have doubts with the weight you are going to take, you should bear in mind that it should be enough so that the muscles tire once you have performed about ten repetitions of the same exercise.

Staying motivated, practicing physical exercise and eating a healthy diet will help you stay in shape during menopause and reduce all the symptoms that this new stage of your life brings with it.

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