Read in confinement: How to celebrate International Book Day from home

Reading is a good option to keep the brain active and take care of mental health. We propose you great options to be able to celebrate Book Day from home and continue enjoying healthy reading.

This year we are going to have to celebrate Book Day in a different way. But that does not mean that we cannot enjoy this important celebration of letters and culture. It is convenient for us to give ourselves the pleasure of reading more than ever, since it has been proven that this habit helps us preserve emotional health, so important during these days of confinement.

We want you to keep reading, because reading connects us with humanity and with our feelings and emotions and helps we keep our brains active, our minds awake, and our spirits up. We invite you to know all the benefits of reading in this downloadable that we have prepared for you.

How can we enjoy this Book Day from our homes? Here are some other ideas:

  • Read online

Online reading has become in these days of confinement, during which we should not leave home unless it is essential, in one of the best alternatives to be able to access editorial content and, through them, manage to evade and stimulate our mind.

We can access many book titles in eBook format, here you have some great options. Or get the latest issues of Cuerpomente y Mentesana magazine without leaving home, as we indicate in this article. You can also access other magazines with a single click.

  • Order direct from the newsagent or bookstore in your neighborhood

How long has it been since you bought a book at a small bookstore or newsstand? The kiosks are still at the foot of the canyon during these days. Call in advance to place an order and pick up your books or magazines at an agreed time to minimize your time spent in the establishment.

For interesting book ideas to help you take care of yourself during and after quarantine, check out this exciting article on editorial news on nutrition and health.

  • Share the pleasure of reading

Although reading is an act, in principle, individual, in reality it can become a social experience. Reading the same book that someone else important to you may be reading from a distance can make you feel a little closer to them. If, in addition, after reading, you can share opinions about that work, the bonding effect will be greater.

Reading book passages to other people will help you bond right now. You can read stories to your children at home but it is also a good idea to share literary moments with older people who are going through confinement alone, over the phone.

  • Join a virtual book club

Some bookstores, while keeping the blinds down, still offer a virtual online book club for their customers. Find out if your regular bookstore offers it. If you don”t have it, you can buy the book they propose online and then participate in a virtual meeting with other people to share interesting aspects about reading that work.

  • Sign up for online literary activities

The networks are going to offer you many interesting literary encounters. For example, throughout the day great female athletes will read their stories through the Solidarity Workshop and will encourage the little ones to carry out literary activities from home.

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