Reach goals: Find out what your true dream and pursue it!

To enjoy a full and happy life it is important to discover our essential self. Only by being whom we really are, by displaying all our potentialities, can we realize our dreams. The first step make the decision consciously.

One of the most authentic purposes of life is to walk towards the achievement of our dreams. When one of our dreams is fulfilled, we feel fulfilled and fulfilled, full and excited. And this is because they reveal the full potential that we harbor.

To know what your dreams are and what your true purpose is, you will first have to ask yourself. Afterwards, you will only have to set goals aligned with your “purpose of being”. This will help you to channel all the potential that you harbor within you and to achieve achievements that a while ago you would not have even imagined would be possible.


It is not about your goal this weekend or where you would like to go on vacation; these are short-term wishes and purposes or that have a specific term in a specific space and time. Your life purpose refers to what you really want to achieve, to your illusions, to your inner call, to the “longing for the free and wide sea” that Saint-Exupéry speaks of. Imagine what it would be like if your dreams come true. Visualize the results of the call that you feel and that drives you to move forward. This will help you make decisions clearly and apply them willingly.

To carry out this inner search, it is helpful to consciously make an appreciative inquiry.

  • Remember a time in your life when you felt full, full, and full of energy. You remember? Visualize it and remember how you were. What was happening? What did you feel? What were you expressing? What was your body language? What did you give to your environment and to others? How are you when you are in the best version of yourself? Those moments are what you would like to achieve and maintain.
  • Visualize what you would like to experience by seeing how you want it. Connect with what you would really like to achieve, as a person, as being. What would happen if you reached it? How would you feel? How would you be was something different happening? What are the first steps you can take to get closer to that experience and make it real in the present? For example, if what you would like is to feel peace, how do your desires connect with what you would like to achieve? Sometimes our essential desire for peace is not supported by our other desires, which rather disturb us and distance us from it. We allow ourselves to be carried away by impulses and longings that, in reality, are more of a distraction or a flight. What is our essential desire? What do we really want?
  • Ask yourself essential questions. What do you want to convey to others? What do you want to give? How can you make it reach the world? What do you really want to do? We are not talking about your profession, but about what you offer and transmit with your daily actions, with relationships, with the daily manifestation of your thoughts, words and actions in the family, at work, in the supermarket, in the cafeteria, with friends, with acquaintances and with strangers. We all have a greater capacity than what we think, feel and use. If everything we do during the day and in life is on track to fulfill our purpose, our reason for being, for existing and for living, we will be much happier in everything we do, because everything will be channeled towards what we really want.


Reconnecting with our dream is doing it with what really makes us beat, with what really moves us, and, in doing so, we move and inspire others. It is what makes our being dance on a deep level, on an existential and life level, not a passion, an emotion or a momentary activity, but something deeper and lasting.

  • It evokes the image that attracts you of what you want, not what you don”t want. This is how you apply appreciative inquiry: thinking about what you want and what you want more of. For example, instead of thinking about quitting smoking, thinking about being more athletic, healthier, having a clearer voice … Because when your thinking is focused on quitting smoking, your vision continues to keep the cigarette present. Instead, when your thinking is focused on health, your vision opens up to a field of infinite possibilities. Modifying a habit is easier if we are attracted to what we want, and seeing it helps us. We need courage to say no to what hurts us and to say yes to health, freedom and life, to say “yes” to the ideal of life in which all the pieces of the puzzle of your life fit.

If you turn your back or forget that ideal, you live reality from what you have to do because you have no other choice. And in that attitude there is fear, apathy, laziness and resistance.

  • Keep your dreams in your vision. Clarify your goals. Create the best in yourself, offer the best of yourself, be your best version and do not feed the other versions (the mediocre, stunted, childish, and complicated). When one of those versions in which the shadow dominates appears, try not to wallow in it with debilitating thoughts.
  • Be curious. Try to be with everything that happens inside you and with what surrounds you. Explore with curiosity what makes you shine and give your best. It is not about exploring the shadows, but what connects you with what revitalizes you and makes you flourish. In full consciousness we realize our shadows and weaknesses, we embrace them, we face them and we transcend them. We focus on what we want. Living appreciative inquiry accompanies us in awakening to the core of our personal excellence.
  • Always seek your inner truth. In order not to get carried away by mirages, you can ask yourself: What do I want for myself? Why and what do I exist for? What does life ask of me? What do you offer me to do? What I do? What am I doing? Why do I do it? What do I pay attention to? What am I looking at? Am I present or absent?
  • Live being totally present. Imagine what it would be like if you lived today as if it were your last day. You would be aware that your time is limited. This would help you not to waste time on matters that the mind sometimes turns to and that are not worth dedicating your energy to. Do not waste time living according to the life of another, their expectations, their impositions or their opinions. Don”t get trapped. Don”t let other people”s opinions or their fears drown out your own inner voice. Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition. Do it.

Commit to yourself. It”s your life. Commitment strengthens your will and gives you the ability to focus your mind and determination in action.

  • Create a place for your dreams. Give space in your life to everything that favors your aspirations and helps you strengthen your relationships. Take care of them. Choose tranquility. Learn to create an interior space in which you find calm. Seeks the help of spaces, people, books, groups and, above all, daily moments for reflection.
  • Choose an activity that fulfills you. Maintain a regular practice, such as daily meditation, weekly yoga session, night prayer, daily walk, mindful breathing, listening to music, “not doing”. You can also write: it clarifies your ideas and can be very rewarding. For example, keep a notebook to write down your projects and your wishes. Creating and maintaining times and spaces to deepen your discoveries, discover yourself, your spiritual and personal development, is one of the practices that offers the best results.

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