Privacy Knight, keep your phone safe from all kinds of risks

Having privacy control on Android terminals is sometimes complicated, since the threats are many and varied. With Privacy Knight you can automatically certain processes that allow you to have a fairly deep control of what happens on your phone or tablet with the Google operating system.

This is a development that offers a lot of possibilities. This on the one hand is really positive, since it covers many of the needs that users have … But it has a handicap that should not fail to indicate: the difficulty in use is not the lowest we have seen (and that the user interface seems the most successful, for clean and good placement of the elements of use).

The basic use of this development is to block threats that may exist, and also some options that become annoying (such as excessive notifications of an installed application). But there are some additional possibilities, such as the one that offers analysis and recommendations for use, which are always appreciated. An element that stands out clearly in Privacy Knight is that facial recognition can be used to execute actions or access places that are restricted – there is also a PIN called Secret Door that we believe is much more effective.

The case is that with Privacy Knight it is possible to get rid of the prying eyes of third parties to some of the applications that are used regularly, such as WhatsApp or a streaming video client such as Netflix. If it is included in the store of this development, no one can access and, in addition, there is the possibility of automatically executing a selfie type photo so that it is known exactly that is the one who has tried to access without permission. Also interesting is the possibility of deleting search or navigation data, and this work is quite complete as it looks.

Use and effectiveness of Privacy Knight

Well, the truth is that it is convincing in both cases, since in our tests the development behavior has been exactly as we expected. The usual use to take advantage of all the tools after the learning process is quite adequate, highlighting options such as the selection of images to protect them (this can also be done with videos). By the way, that the use of problem detection and solutions does not affect the operation of the Android phone or tablet, so the solvency and security it offers are very good.

The detection of harmful elements is adequate, since when performing some actions that we knew were negative, Privacy Knight detected them and made the corresponding recommendations. In addition, the protection system is efficient, but in some cases these depend on the cloud, so the Internet connection is necessary … but with an almost negligible amount of data used. The truth is that we liked this development in general, since it prevents the user from having to make periodic reviews of some sections of his terminal.

Privacy Knight Download

If all the options we have indicated Privacy Knight have convinced you, you can download free of charge this development Galaxy Apps. The installation process has no difficulty, since it is the usual one in the stores we are talking about. With a lot of possibilities, the truth is that for more than one this work is possible to become a completely indispensable tool, although it is true that a learning time is needed.

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