Pocket handkerchief. The ideal complement for your wardrobe

The pocket square is back to the present day, and here to stay. It has become the ideal complement to give that touch of color to the outfit we wear.

More and more men have the good taste to use it. Pocket squares are not only worn on festive occasions that must be worn with a suit. They are also conquering the world of the elegant wardrobe, but more informal.

In its origins it was called Pocketed, and it was constituted as a simple handkerchief for daily use, kept in the breast pocket to be always at hand. Currently, it has a purely decorative function and is used at most to clean glasses in cases of emergency.

We can also use it when you decide not to wear a tie. No matter our type of look, in our collection you can find the scarf that fits your personality, and gives you a modern and contemporary touch.

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That is why in the last two years we have seen a growing and renewed interest in the use of this element.

It can be used both in formal suit jackets, as in jackets, blazers and sport jackets.


Jacquard fabric, handcrafted, ideal for the man who takes care of his image. An element that cannot be missing in your blazer or jacket if you want to be fashionable, a sign of distinction and elegance.

With a pink background, and drawings of large paisley motifs in different colors.


Made of very high quality microfiber. It is an attractive and elegant pocket square with a green background, with small white flowers.

The contrast between its colors gives this original pocket square a great beauty and gives a contribution of class and elegance to the wearer. It goes perfectly with suits of any color.


One-color pocket square in purple, with an elegant and attractive shine, which gives it great beauty.

Its purple color conveys joviality, modernity and joy. It goes perfectly with any suit.


Attractive and elegant pocket square with a navy blue background, with a cheerful magenta flower design. Without a doubt, an ideal scarf to wear on any occasion to set trends, and be original with your accessories.

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