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Today I am going to share resources and small strategies to plan your content on social networks, so I want you to become aware of how important it is to set long and medium-term goals.

If you have a blog, a business or are trying to develop your personal brand, you will know how important social networks are to achieve a community and reach an audience interested in your work in an organic way.

But we all know that social media management takes much longer than we imagine and sometimes we need help to develop a good marketing strategy for networks.

The lack of focus and planning means that many people cannot exploit the performance of their networks since creating content on a daily basis and on the go is more expensive than doing it in an organized way.

Why is it important to plan ahead for social media posts?

You cannot imagine the freedom that comes from not having to be publishing daily on social networks, nor having to arrive in a last minute rush and make content for a certain day or event because you have not planned the publications in advance.

One of the most important reasons is that if you consider preparing the programming on social networks, you will have more time to create other content at the moment and interact more with your community.

By scheduling content months ahead, you will gain consistency, it will be easier for you to stay focused and you will be able to publish faster.

  • You save time.
  • You maintain tone and consistency.
  • You have more focus on what you are doing.
  • You work with more freedom.
  • You will be able to better track the performance of your accounts.
  • You avoid posting irrelevant things: “good morning”, “good night”, a kitten…
  • You improve the quality of your publications.

Tricks to plan social media posts one year from now

Scheduling in advance is more important than we think since this way we can nurture our social networks with quality content and maintain a constant publication rate to achieve loyalty among our followers.

The objective of long-term planning is to ensure that you have a large part of your schedule filled in adding value, so in the event that you have an unforeseen event or work peaks, you will know that there is a minimum content scheduled.


Take advantage and use this 2021 Marketing Calendar with which you can plan your year around the most important days and designated events. Thanks to resources like this you will be able to program more than 100 publications without having to squeeze your brain.

The advantage of joining these types of publications and events is that thanks to the hashtags of those days you get to reach more public and people since they are an opportunity for them to discover you.

At a strategic level, it is a great idea to incorporate the marketing calendar to show the values ​​of your brand through the causes you support.


Another resource for planning social media posts is creating a phrase template.

Famous phrases have a lot of engagement and are easy to share, so if you incorporate them with measure in your content strategy, you will achieve a good reach, it is not good to abuse them either because it is not a content that is commercial nor does it say much about your company.


Apart from joining the challenge of the moment, you can start others or create small challenges with your community. This is a very special content that can help you publicize your way of being, your services or your brand.

  • 5 days learning new words.
  • 10 days of black and white photography.


Another way to create valuable publications is to add lists of things, the list format in RRSS is very interesting and in stories it is a good option.

  • 5 things about you.
  • The best 3 series, movies, books, courses, jobs of the month.


You can take advantage of and include old posts in the programming of social networks, this will come in handy to improve traffic and to avoid that some categories of your website are dead.

There are many ways to do it but it is easy for your topic to allow at least 2 or 3 old post publications per week. With this we solve at least 150 publications a year.


Share posts from other media and relevant articles in your publications, it is very good to do so, however there are many accounts that publish only 30% of their own content and the rest is from other similar media.

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