PicArt Photo Editor: give more life to your photos this summer

Apart from games, there is a type of application that is often used a lot in summer: image editors (always talking about mobile terminals). The reason is that a lot of photos are taken on vacation and, generally, you want to give it a better look than they originally offered. A development that offers exactly this is PicArt Photo Editor.

This development has as its most interesting element in terms of use that it is not complicated to know exactly what should be done at all times with it. To achieve this, apart from offering a good design, PicArt Photo Editor offers two options that we believe are essential: it is fully translated and, in addition, it has initial use wizards that are as useful as complete.

In what has to do with the user interface, it must be said that PicArt Photo Editor is not surprising in almost any aspect, but in everything that has to do with the editing sections it is positive since it maintains the structure that is generally expected of an image editing application. In addition, we have verified that the operation in devices with quad-core processors is good, but we recommend using models with eight and at least 2 GB of RAM so that the fluidity is adequate. Besides, the operating system must be Android 4.0.3 or higher, since otherwise the software does not work.

Use and options of PicArt Photo Editor

The initial screen that receives the user is not exactly one that predicts a particularly complete and modern development, but it does show that it is possible to edit both the photos that are on the phone and those that are made directly from PicArt Photo Editor with the Camera application included in the terminal. Good detail this. Once the one to be modified has been chosen, the real development interface opens.

This is dark, specifically gray, and everything really important is at the bottom of the screen. Here, on a tape, you can see all the options available in PicArt Photo Editor, ranging from adding effects (such as frames or shades); going through the execution of specific modifications – such as blurring a specific place or adding text; and finally, you can change the size to use traditional tools that modify the brightness or saturation. That is, there is much more than what is expected in this work.

The fluidity with which everything is done in this development is high, and the selection systems in the images that use the touch screen and elements that appear on the panel are not bad (but there are no sliders as such). , and yes wheels of modification that in our opinion are somewhat less precise). By the way, in some sections it is necessary to make downloads to get the contents, such as with stickers, but this is completely free and not a problem.

Finally, it is important to comment that the creations are saved in the terminal in JPEG format, so the compatibility is very high – and, if desired, you do not have to overwrite the photo that has been modified. Therefore, it is a creation that is not bad, although something basic in its contents since for example the frames are not exactly the most attractive that we have seen. But, remember, the initials are free.

How to get PicArt Photo Editor

If you want to try this development, which has no cost, then get it both in the Samsung Galaxy Apps store and Google Play Store. The best we believe that PicArt Photo Editor offers is its simplicity, which also does not subtract a good amount of options when it comes to editing the images you have on phones and tablets with the Google operating system.

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