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The beginning of summer vacations usually coincides with a search for more physical activity to be in a better way. If you want to do this, one of the possibilities you have is to use an application for the smartphone you have, such as Personal Fitness Coach. This is what this development offers.

With this work, the mobile terminal becomes a personal trainer because, thanks to its contents, it is possible from improving the physical state you currently have to optimizing both the resistance and flexibility that you have today. The case is that Personal Fitness Coach includes excellent explanations of each of the routines that exist in the development … but there is a drawback – which is currently not so serious – the application is not translated in many of its sections, so you have to pay more attention than desirable.

Something that we loved about this development is that the number of options it offers, created all of them by renowned fitness teachers (and we speak worldwide), is excellent. Of course, not all are free and for some of them you have to pay a small amount – always low and not usually exceed four or five dollars – to download in Personal Fitness Coach all the information. This ranges from a complete explanation to data such as difficulty level and time that must be applied daily to obtain the desired results.

Something that Personal Fitness Coach does not lack is to include different multimedia content, and that range from explanatory images to useful videos that make it very clear what needs to be done. By the way, it is always possible to contact the creator of the routine, in case you have any questions regarding the exercises are indicated and the times to be used. Something that we liked a lot is also the use of a sound track that allows us to know firsthand and at the same time that exercise is carried out indications that are essential to complete everything with the expected quality.

By the way, incessant to be able to share the objectives completed by social networks … which can invite other users or acquaintances to follow your steps and in this way there is a certain competition that always forces an overcoming that is appreciated.

Simplicity and compatibility of Personal Fitness Coach

In what has to do with the execution of Personal Fitness Coach we have not detected any problem. This ensures that in terminals with a power that is not very high, such as pure mid-range, everything works correctly. Of course, in our opinion the larger the smartphone screen that is used much better since this way the multimedia content is consumed with a higher quality. By the way, the interface is quite intuitive and the data to complete the routines is always in the central area and its access is excellent.

It is important to indicate that the development is compatible with different accessories, such as a heart rate monitor of different brands and even smart watches such as those offered by Samsung in its product catalog. This allows to obtain more precise and extended data when making data and, therefore, the monitoring is optimal. Another good detail is that it is possible to manage the music since it is played directly from Personal Fitness Coach, which always makes everything much more comfortable.

Get Personal Fitness Coach for Android

If you want to start right now with the process of maintaining a good physical condition, the Personal Fitness Coach application can be obtained for free in both the Galaxy Store and the Play Store. The truth is that the amount of information offered is quite wide and, therefore, it is difficult not to find something that is useful. We liked both its finish and the possibilities it offers.

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