Paddle: Recommendations to choose the most appropriate paddle

Do you practice paddle tennis? One of the most important decisions to get started in this physical activity is to have the right equipment. Precisely, the first thing you should buy is a paddle tennis racket. If you are not an expert in this sport or you have just started, you will not know the characteristics that must be taken into account to buy the most appropriate paddle tennis rackets based on your player profile.

Aspects to take into account to choose your paddle tennis racket

We explain in detail the most important elements that you should assess when choosing your next paddle to practice paddle tennis:

·Rubber and fiber

The rubber and the type of fiber with which the blade is made determines its hardness. You can find two types of fiber: EVA and Foam. On the one hand, the EVA rubber ones have a medium or hard density, while the Foam ones are softer, so the latter are ideal for beginner players. Those made with Foam make it easier to get the ball out and are more comfortable, so that this comfort compensates for the lack of technique of the most novice athletes. However, this hardness should increase as the technique is acquired, since when the blade is harder, our striking force is used to the maximum.

·The shape of the paddle rackets

You can find three types of blades: round, teardrop and diamond. The round blades offer us greater control, while with a diamond blade we will have more power. Of course, the round blades have the largest sweet spot, which means that we can handle it more easily. Again, we will change the form as we gain technique. A diamond blade allows us a more aggressive game, but the sweet spot is less and that translates into less manageability that less experienced players may notice.

In this sense, it is important to acquire some blades with which you feel comfortable depending on your level. For example, the new collection of rackets offers a racket model adapted to two essential characteristics, power and control, to develop your paddle play well.

·How much do they weigh?

Normally, paddle tennis rackets weigh between 350 and 380 grams. This difference of 30 grams may seem small, but it is a very important question. The lighter the paddle, the harder you will have to hit the ball and also the vibrations in the arm will increase, which can lead to certain injuries. Of course, they are easier to handle than the heavier blades. Although we have to hit with less force, as the weight increases it entails more wear on the arm.

·The balance in the paddle tennis rackets

It is important to stop at technical issues such as balance and weight distribution on the paddle tennis racket. Again, there are three different types: low, medium and high balance.

Low-balanced blades are more manageable, but lose power. They are ideal for beginners who are just starting out, as it prevents them from having elbow problems until they acquire more technique. Second, the medium balance blades have medium power and handling, while the high balance blades are very powerful in exchange for less handling. Its features are superior, but you must master the game and hitting to make the most of them.

·The price

It is normal that we do not want to spend a lot of money on our first paddle tennis racket. However, we can find more affordable paddle tennis rackets for beginners that will allow us to enjoy our first steps in this sport. As you gain technique and change the blade, we will look for a type of blade that better suits our characteristics.

Remember that the important thing is to find a racket that fits your game, so that you can squeeze the most out of each stroke and be able to perform at your best.

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