Obsidian says they are “very happy” with the performance and appearance of The Outer Worlds on Switch

As confirmed by Eric DeMilt, Production Director at Obsidian, to the Nintendo Everything website, the studio is “very happy” with the performance and appearance that The Outer Worlds has reached on Switch. DeMilt highlights that, optionally, players will be able to use the gyroscope to advance and that much of the development time of this port has been spent adjusting the controls so that the game play on the Switch is as satisfactory as on the other consoles. The director recalls that this port has been “quite a challenge” and that maintaining visual fidelity with respect to the PC in portable mode has been difficult. The Obsidian game will run at 30 frames per second and will have a resolution of 720p in portable mode and 1080p in television mode.

In our analysis we pointed out that the game manages to dominate the usual tropes of the space western while delivering a progressively more interesting story.

It may sound soft but if there is one thing that makes the new Obsidian title shine it is that it really lets us play. Imagine that we are a lonely gunman, sparing in words but quick with the revolver, or a strict and disenchanted heroine who has no choice but to fight the corruption of society guided by her iron moral system. Your contribution to the space western? An omnipresent sense of humor that mixes irony with meta-commentary and frenetic and intelligent dialogues that serve to lead us, without our realizing it, to more than a surprise turn.


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