Nioh 2: its development team announces that the game is already gold

Nioh 2 is the action title developed by Team Ninja and Koie Tecmo that will continue with what was seen in the original installment of what is already considered a saga. The game was announced a few months ago and reaches PS4 on March 13. A large number of additives are expected in this installment, which will continue and establish the good foundations that the aoriginal Nioh left us.

Its developer has just announced that Nioh 2 is already Gold, which means that the promise will be fulfilled and the game will arrive on the stipulated launch date. There is very little left to continue our path in the bushido.

In Nioh 2 we will see everything we had the pleasure of enjoying with his first installment, but with a lot of improvements where the Yokai and Japanese folklore spirits will be of great importance. Another aspect to highlight is the high difficulty, which already characterized the past title.

We leave you with the official synopsis of the game in case you have not had time to know what this Nioh 2 is about:  As a samurai warrior, your trip will take us through the treacherous Sengoku period of the history of Japan. And his transformation from human to demon will take him to the depths of the Dark Kingdom of the Yokai. 

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