Nintendo Switch stores Online data in the cloud for six months once the subscription expires

Finally Nintendo has clarified what will happen with the data saved in the cloud when a user of his brand new online payment service for Nintendo Switch stops paying the subscription. For the players’ peace of mind, a spokesperson for the company has confirmed that the information will not be erased immediately, as was initially believed , but will be stored for a maximum period of 180 days (six months). 

“If the subscription to Nintendo Switch Online expires, users will not be able to access backup copies of data storage in the cloud,” a Nintendo spokesperson told the IGN portal . “However, Nintendo will allow access to previous backup copies of data in the cloud to users who re-subscribe in 180 days.”

This statement serves to dispel any doubt arising from the publication of a question and answer page on the official website of Nintendo UK, where it was stated that data in the cloud of Nintendo Switch Online could not be maintained without an active subscription. Saving the information up to 180 days Nintendo is at the height of PlayStation Plus, which in case of not paying the membership stores the data during the same period of time. On Xbox Live this feature is offered at no cost. 

Nintendo Switch Online has been running without known incidents since September 19. The payment platform, whose monthly fee is 3.99 euros per month (or 19.99 euros per year), is mandatory to play online, although some free games such as the popular Fortnite do not have it among their requirements. The service also offers saved in the cloud, a collection of classic games and exclusive offers such as the possibility of acquiring commands inspired by the NES .


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