Natural shampoos: avoid petroleum derivatives

Natural cosmetics use substances that, being those that make up living organisms, are similar to those that make up skin and hair.

When you have been using a regular shampoo for your whole life, it is difficult to give up its ‘special effects”, but the daily use of a conventional shampoo undermines the natural balance of the hair. Natural hair shampoos, on the other hand, nourish and improve it day by day until it restores its balance.


Marta has learned about the benefits of natural and organic cosmetics, has bought her first shampoo and is looking forward to seeing the spectacular results. The affinity of the ingredients of a natural shampoo with the skin and hair allow you to care without damaging, which favors hydration and regeneration.

But after washing her hair with her new natural shampoo, Marta has doubts. She is uneasy that her hair is not lathering up as usual. After drying, the look is not convincing either: it does not have the volume or shine that you like. The results are not immediate, so you decide that you will return to your shampoo of a lifetime. After all, it shouldn”t be so bad if her hair was beautiful.

Marta”s case is repeated too many times and contributes to spreading the myth that natural cosmetics and especially shampoos are not as effective. The problem is that Marta did not know that she should be patient. She was used to the immediate effect of her conventional shampoo: in a single wash, the greasy ingredients of mineral origin built a shiny layer around each hair.


The miraculous ingredients of conventional cosmetics are silicones and petroleum derivatives with names such as: ‘silicone”, “mineral oil”, “microcrystalline wax”, “paraffinoma liquid”, “dimethicone”.

They are fats that are foreign to the structure of the scalp, as saturated as those of a hamburger, and they do not care for or protect the hair. Unlike. Paraffin, for example, does not dissolve in water, it makes hair waterproof and dries it out.

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In the face of hair that has undergone this care, the natural shampoo must first remove the remains of these chemical ingredients –and a single wash is not enough– and then promote hair regrowth. But hair that has been punished for years with aggressive products takes time to “detoxify”. It may take weeks for results to be seen. And your healthy and beautiful appearance will not just be a mere appearance as before.

Natural shampoos are recommended for all hair types. In addition to improving its structure and appearance, they help regulate sebum production and prevent excess oil or dryness.


Along with the listed ingredients, conventional shampoos contain synthetic preservatives such as parabens (they start with “methyl-“, “ethyl-2”, “propyl-” and “butyl-” and end with “paraben”). These compounds reach the blood and are stored in fatty tissue, from where they exert an estrogenic (female hormonal) effect. They have also been found in tissue affected by breast cancer.

Many brands, even conventional ones, have voluntarily given up its use. In fact, in products with natural or organic certification they are prohibited.

Synthetic surfactant detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate (“Sodium Lauretha sulfate”) are also common in conventional shampoos, responsible for the abundant foam and also irritations (and the risk of carcinogenic dioxins being formed when reaching wastewater).

In natural cosmetics softer and safer substances are used. That is why natural shampoos are especially indicated when the scalp suffers from a dermatological condition. One more argument in favor of its beneficial effect in general.

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