Microsoft announces the arrival of keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One

After a long wait, Microsoft has finally announced that keyboard and mouse support on Xbox One is closer than ever. Before this new feature is available for everyone, developers will have the possibility to adapt their games and within a few weeks some users of Xbox Insider program will be able to test it to verify that everything works as expected.
Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, has made it clear that support for keyboard and mouse is a feature that will be added game to game and that its adaptation will depend solely and exclusively on the developers. By default the possibility of using keyboard and mouse will be disabled. In case of embracing this new way of playing it will be the development teams that decide how to do it and Microsoft will help them create an experience made to their measure so that everything works optimally and fairly.

In the video Phil Spencer also announces the return of the event X0

Players who use keyboard and mouse have a significant advantage over those who resort to the command, especially if we talk about games like those of first-person shooter. Microsoft will advise large and small studios, always remembering that they must take into account their multiplayer user base. There is the option to automatically split the community based on the peripheral input or offer the option to choose whether or not to play against the keyboard and mouse users. One of the first titles that will prove support for both peripherals will be Warframe .

The “majority” of keyboards and mice with or without USB cable will work with Xbox One, but Microsoft has announced a partnership with the peripheral manufacturer Razer to offer new hardware options. The details of this alliance will be known in November, but three months ago the possibility was leaked that the Razer Turret peripheral get support for Xbox One as well as the idea of ​​taking advantage of the Razer Chroma lighting system.

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