Keys and Cheats for Weapons of GTA San Andreas

Cheat GTA San Andreas: Keys and Cheats for Weapons of GTA San Andreas

If you want to get the best weapons packs from GTA San Andreas for PC and enjoy the game of Rockstar, these are the tricks you have to use.

LXGIWYL: Weapons Pack 1: (AK-47, Baseball bat, spray, mitten, 9mm, shotgun, micro SMG, rifle, flare gun and Molotov cocktail).

KJKSZPJ or PROFESSIONALSKIT : Weapons Pack 2 (Desert Eagle, knife, trimmed shotgun, Tec 9, M4 rifle, sniper / sniper rifle, grenades, fire extinguisher and flamethrower.

UZUMYMW: Weapons Pack 3: MP5, chainsaw, Stinger, gun with silencer, advanced shotgun and explosive package C4

OUIQDMW: Automatically aim with weapons while driving in GTA San Andreas

ROCKETMAN or YECGAA: Get the Jetpack.

AIYPWZQP: Get a parachute.

WANRLTW or FULLCLIP: Take away Infinite Ammo and bullets (Both are worth)

NCSGDAG: Be a professional killer with all weapons and always head shots.

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