Keep your Android device in shape thanks to CLEANit

It is always a good idea to use an Android application that reviews the different essential sections of the equipment to make sure everything goes as it should. An example of this type of development is CLEANit, of which we tell what it offers and if it is truly effective.

We are facing a development that places in a segment of the market that is very competitive, since there are few that have the same objective as CLEANit: optimize the use of a terminal with Google operating system of a simple and efficient firm. The case is that we already announce that in general terms this work fulfills, but it has some “buts” that it is important to keep in mind – that, of course, does not detract from the appeal that is completely free -.

One of the virtues that CLEANit offers, and that is very important in developments of this type, is that it is very simple to use. This is possibly one of the best options it offers, since with the inclusion of a side menu and the use of large icons everything is quite clear when executing actions, but it abuses both the inclusion of advertising and element on the main screen when sliding towards the bottom … So much so that some at first can be overcome. Of course, with a few minutes of attention, everything is very clear and perfectly configured – permissions included.

There are different sections of action in CLEANit, which highlight those that allow you to optimize the operation of the phone or tablet (surprisingly called Intensify phone, this we say since it is not especially intuitive), and Battery saver, which in this case has been Successful with the denomination in our option. In both cases, as in which it allows to manage the operation of applications, simply by accessing the status review of the terminal and pressing the button in the lower green part, the operation is improved. Interesting and successful that in the central area there is a large number that represents the percentage of which is used of the resources of the device , which always enable to know if it is necessary to use the development.

This development includes some additional tools, some of them that we found quite useful. An example is the possibility of adding to a list the games that are installed (called Accelerate games). What this allows is that when one of these developments in CLEANit is started, some automatic actions are executed beforehand to optimize terminal operation in order to achieve the best possible user experience. Apart from that, a File Manager is also integrated that, without being the most complete in the market, does allow you to order and eliminate those that are not necessary – establishing an order by type, for example.

Use of CLEANit

The first thing that has become clear to us is that execution is possible in terminals that are not especially modern. Thus, in phones and tablets with only 1 GB of RAM, the operation is quite good in terms of speed and, in addition, it is not particularly bad in the optimization that is achieved (but do not expect miracles, that is make it clear). By the way, sometimes we have detected some “lag” when using CLEANit, especially when complex processes such as battery management are executed and, also, that happens when advertising is very present.

The efficiency obtained by using CLEANit is correct. Sometimes yield increases are obtained that can reach peaks of 5 or 7%, but this is not always the case. This, which may seem little, in many cases means being able or not to play a title for Android. Comparatively speaking, it is not the best we have tried but being a free development is not especially bad as a simple and accessible option.

CLEANit download to your phone or tablet

If you want to give this development a chance on your device with the Google operating system, you can download it for free at both Galaxy Apps and Play Store for free. In all cases the installation process is very simple. The truth is that it is not a bad way to get a good functioning of a mobile device, but it has some details to improve to compete in the market.

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