Jewelry and costume jewelry are for men too

Oddly enough, most men wear men”s jewelry and costume jewelry on a daily basis. However, it is still difficult territory when it comes to buying or gifting. Although the key lies in knowing how to choose what to wear at all times, other factors such as style and personality influence. After several years where minimalism and the absence of any adornment predominated, today we bring you the most outstanding accessories for a masculine look. Don”t wait any longer and take note!

What are the most prominent men”s accessories?

While it is true that brightly colored leather bracelets were one of the big trends last year, now we add metal and a greater variety of materials. In this post we will show you two categories divided into: bracelets and necklaces. Without a doubt, some great options for those looking for a natural and youthful look.

Bracelets also known as bracelets, they are totally versatile accessories that are experiencing their moment of splendor among the male gender. They not only serve to complement all kinds of looks, from the most casual to the sporty ones, but their combination with watches or rings is a trend in any season. Although you will find a wide range of models, the “must” of your wardrobe should be:

  • Leather bracelets. They are magnificent pieces for casual or evening outfits and more sober. If they also have a metallic touch, they will combine perfectly with your watch or pendant. The most prominent colors are black, brown, red and blue.
  • String bracelets. They are the most popular and well-known in the world of accessories. However, the first thing you have to take into account when choosing this design is its material, since according to it you can combine it with some garments or others.
  • Steel bracelets. There is no doubt, your collection of accessories cannot miss this elegant piece. It is not only stylish, but a sure guarantee. This is because these types of models are made from scratch resistant materials. What was missing in your look to convey elegance, sobriety and good taste!

Necklaces although it is not as popular an accessory as bracelets, it is gradually becoming a “must have” in men”s wardrobes. In case you don”t know which model to choose, we recommend opting for a simple piece that doesn”t stand out too much. Once you feel comfortable adding these elements to your looks, we recommend taking risks when it comes to designs.

As a general rule, men”s necklaces are metallic, and in gold or silver colors. However, the markup offers you other types of varieties for all styles. As a recommendation, we indicate that gold is a warmer color that combines perfectly with brown and blue tones. On the other hand, silver tones are neutral. Therefore, you will achieve a timeless and elegant look by mixing them with black or dark gray garments.

As you can see, the market offers you a wide variety of solutions to achieve a sensational outfit incorporating different accessories.

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