Infant colic, maternal stress, and postpartum yoga

Yoga works on the human being both physically and psychologically and thanks to it you can enjoy incredible and numerous benefits. But is yoga during pregnancy good? And then?


During pregnancy, a special yoga plan for expectant mothers is a perfect therapy to help the mother prepare for that great moment and has numerous benefits for her and her baby.

Yoga during pregnancy

Yoga is prepared for both mother and baby to enjoy its benefits. It is fully indicated for these states, as it calms back pain and spinal pain that is loaded with the baby”s weight.

It is also important to mention as one of the best benefits the strengthening of the heart and the pumping of the blood, together with the increase in lung capacity, the improvement of oxygenation and nutrition of the baby and the mother. Without forgetting, of course, that yoga improves the vitality of both bodies.

We have already said almost all the physical benefits, but the mental ones are no less important and that is, this therapy, in addition to strengthening the body and helping relaxation. This last point is very important to avoid stress and so that the body gradually gets used to the future contractions that will occur during labor.

Another point in favor of yoga during pregnancy is the release of tension, the help to regulate the metabolism and the hormonal system. Something quite necessary considering that emotional states are altered a lot by pregnancy.

This therapy, in addition, is capable of creating and increasing the union between both creating a new way of communicating.

A new way of communicating and total relaxation for the fetus, so that it prepares for its birth.

Postpartum yoga

After delivery it also makes a lot of sense to practice it. It can be a first contact with exercise again, to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, regain muscle tone in the abdomen and the rest of the body; and get back into good physical shape.

Another reason of considerable weight to do yoga after pregnancy is to relax the state of stress and anxiety that, sometimes, a baby can produce until the mother gets used to it.

It should be taken into account that newborn babies can have many very typical problems, such as reflux or colic in the infant, which one in 3 babies suffers from, so the figure is quite high.

We wanted to mention reflux and colic because the main symptom is incessant crying for at least 3 hours a day. This can easily cause the mother to become desperate and overwhelmed into a state of anxiety and stress. It is also important that in moments of acute crisis of the baby the mother knows how to be calm and relaxed so as not to infect the baby and not make her more nervous. And for this, postpartum yoga can also be a good ally. That the mother have that moment aside for her, to relax without thinking about the baby during that moment and that she learns to be calm in those moments.

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