Ideas to dress gray

Gray is a color that combines practically with any other: with red, with black, with white and if you want to be more groundbreaking, with yellow or orange. Gray never goes out of season, it is suitable for all seasons of the year, and it is one of the basic colors par excellence. You can wear it in clothes, accessories and it will always be well accepted, both in men and women. Here we give you some ideas to wear gray at any time of the year.

Steps to follow:

One.You can choose the gray color for the night or for a party. If you”ve been invited to a special event and you have a gray dress in your closet, this is the perfect time to wear it. Gray is an elegant color and you can combine it with a lot of accessories: from matching black shoes with a shawl in the same tone or if you want to give your look a little more color, you can dare to combine it with grayish blue. You will see what a successful combination!

Two.Who doesn”t use gray boots? They combine with practically everything and are ideal to go informal and very warm in winter. You can choose your boots from a thousand models: low, high, with a heel, with a buckle, flat … but they will hit you with almost all kinds of looks: from jeans to skinny black pants and if you are something more casual, boots High heels without heels in gray can be perfectly combined with a skirt.

3.For boys, gray is also a very useful color: both for day to day and for a party or special event. The suits gray do not have to be boring: there are striped, mottled gray or color with a grain that makes it more current. In addition, you can combine them with more or less daring ties depending on how conventional you are. In any case, does anyone question how elegant a man is in a gray suit?

4.Accessories are another element where you can combine gray in a daily look. For example, in a coat, vest or bag. Gray is ideal to give an autumn and elegant look if you have perhaps chosen a different dress color, such as green or blue.

5.Gray is a color that is related to autumn and winter in a natural way, probably because of the light in those months of the year. This look for boys is the most attractive and is the example that gray combines with other grays. You can choose a shade of gray for the coat and a different and softer one for the accessories, such as the hat and the scarf (although these do have to maintain the same tone between them). Not for that reason it will be a boring look, on the contrary: it will become elegant and you will be the most attractive.

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