How winter affects our hands

Weather conditions produce a degeneration in the skin texture. The best defense is to isolate it from the outside using clothing, but in the hands it is not always possible. These are one of the parts of the body that we have to protect the most if we want to keep our hands beautiful and soft, to achieve this we have to use appropriate creams for their protection and nutrition, without forgetting the nails.

You will need to:

  • moisturizer
  • hand gel


Steps to follow:

One. Hands are the main tools for our daily activity. It is the part of the body that is cleaned most often. Excess soap and water is harmful because they are less lubricated by the sebaceous and sweat glands than the rest of the body.

2. Good hand hygiene is very important, but not excessive, using soaps that soften the skin, formulated with honey, lanolin and vitamins. Avoid very alkaline soaps and plenty of detergent.

3. Keep the skin hydrated from the hands. After washing, moisturize the skin with moisturizing creams, applying them from the tips of the fingers to the forearm. This technique also facilitates blood circulation.


4. If the skin on the hands is extremely rough, masks can be used to hydrate, tone and nourish.

5. To solve the problem of hand spots, it is advisable to use products that contain extracts of fruit acids that work by exfoliating the skin and promoting its renewal.


  • Talk to your dermatologist if you have problems with your hands in winter, problems like dryness, stretch marks, etc.

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