How to write a good post

If you have a blog, you must take into account a series of rules to be sure that the content you share is of quality. If you have already read a lot about positioning and are interested in making the content of your website shared on social networks, we will give you a series of tips that will get your site to take off.

Keep reading to learn, step by step, how to write a good post:

You will need to:

  • A computer with Internet access
  • A blog or website

Steps to follow:

1.Ask yourself if the post you are going to publish is filling a gap on the Internet or solving a problem.

2.Embed links in your text that lead to previous entries in your blog, so you”ll get the user to stay longer.

3.Ask the user, directly, to participate: “Leave me a comment if …” “Has it ever happened to you?” And so on.

4.Optimize images using ALT and Title; this way, you will get more SEO traffic.

5.Make sure your text repeats the keyword you are trying several times.

6.When you are going to modify the URL, remove prepositions and articles so that the link is cleaner and scan able for Google.


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