How to Work In Hotels?

The work in hotels is the aspiration of many people, which may be due to different reasons, one being that it is an industry that remains one of the powers of the future, as the tourism and hospitality industry is a sector that it is constantly growing given the demands and demands of users.

One of the great advantages of hospitality is that there is a great diversity of jobs, which can be found both in hotels and resorts. In addition, there is a great diversity of clients that makes it possible to maintain relationships with clients from all over the world and thus enjoy a multicultural environment, with the richness that this implies.

Hotel or resort jobs:
In a hotel or resort there are a lot of jobs that may be needed and, therefore, to which you can apply. Below we list the most common:
This is the position of the person responsible for the client”s first contact with the hotel. He is in charge of welcoming and carrying out the check-in and check-out of the client, as well as informing him of the hotel services. He is also in charge of making hotel reservations and other administrative tasks.
Bellboy and janitor:
The bellboys and concierge are the ones who greet the guests before arriving at the reception and, in the case of the bellboy, who carries the client”s luggage and accompanies them until they reach their room.
Housekeeper and chambermaid:
The governess is in charge of coordinating and directing the chambermaids. They are in charge of cleaning the rooms and also the common areas of the hotel.
Waiter, bartender and maître d ”:
They are the professionals in charge of providing service at the tables or at the bar, in the restaurant or in the hotel or resort bar.
Cook, kitchen assistant and dishwasher:
The cooks are in charge of providing the dining experience in the hotel restaurant. They need kitchen assistants and dishwashers to make the service more efficient.
Maintenance and security personnel:
The maintenance staff is responsible for ensuring that the hotel is always kept in perfect condition. For this they will repair all the elements that deteriorate, and technical failures will be corrected. The security staff, meanwhile, make sure that no problem occurs inside the hotel.
This figure is fundamental in the resorts, since they are in charge of all the hotel”s leisure programming. They can be aquatic entertainment, children”s entertainment, night entertainment… and can encompass many professionals, such as singers, magicians, dancers, and so on.

Pool staff:
The hotel pools must have dedicated staff, such as lifeguards who are in charge of ensuring that the facilities are used properly and assist them if necessary, and other staff who are in charge of providing towels or maintaining the facilities. Properly conditioned and clean.
Spa staff and masseuse:
In those hotels and spas that offer massage and relaxation services, it is very important that they have professionals in charge of managing the facilities, as well as masseurs. Also, if you have a gym, they may require personal trainers, which means that there can be a wide range of jobs.
Managing Director:
Finally, we must highlight the figure of the general manager of the hotel, who is the one who is in charge of ensuring that everything runs as it should on a daily basis. He is ultimately responsible for ensuring that everything works properly. You must take care of managing the services and your employees.

All these jobs are usually offered by different hotel chains, especially at certain times of the year such as holiday periods, which coincide with Christmas and, especially, with summer, when the great demand for this type of accommodation and services by users makes it necessary for hotels to increase their payroll of workers. In this way they can respond to market demands.

Instructions for working in hotels:
In case you want to know how to work in hotels, you should know that, when talking about them in a generic way, your options go through:

  • Search for different hotel chains and hotels that are of interest to you. Each of them, in their own job bank that you will find on their web pages, you will be able to know the vacant positions.
  • Find jobs in job search portals, where you can find offers from many chains, although not all, since some prefer to have their own job bank, located on their website.

What do you need to work in hotels?

  • Have an updated Curriculum Vitae to provide to the company, either electronically or physically.
  • You must be at least 18 years old. If you are between 16 and 18 you will need an authorization from your parents or guardians.
  • Be flexible with schedules.
  • Master different languages. How many more better and one of them is essential that it is English.
  • Have training corresponding to the performance of the different functions to which you apply.
  • Be aware of the job offers that may be published by the different hotel chains or look for work in general job portals.

Tips for working in hotels:
When you choose a job, you have to take into account different points that are very important and general for any job:

  • It is important that you update your Curriculum Vitae. This must have all the updated personal information, especially the contact number and e-mail address, since they are the means of contact for companies. You must make sure that the information regarding your professional training and work experience is up to date.
  • It is essential to adapt your Curriculum Vitae to the type of job offer and the particular position you want to aspire to within the company. Depending on it, you should emphasize certain work experiences. This way the recruiter will appreciate why you are qualifying for that job. Likewise, in the same way, it can also be seen as a sign of interest in working on it.
  • It is advisable to always keep in mind the instructions of the job offer. Not all have identical instructions. Read carefully and be clear about what you must contribute and if you meet the requirements before applying for the job.
  • It is recommended to write a cover letter for each offer to which you are going to present or apply. This will reflect that you have spent time preparing your application. It is a sign of interest in obtaining the job. This letter must be drawn up clearly and, of course, without spelling mistakes.

When you are called to go to a job interview you must prepare it. It is advised that you research the company in order to have the best possible knowledge about it. During the interview you must be friendly and wear appropriate clothing.

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