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Working as a delivery person in Pizza Hut, McDonalds …, and other establishments is a job opportunity for many people, even more so considering the trend that makes people bet on eating in the comfort of their home, without traveling and being able to place their order from any place and time thanks to smartphone apps.
One of the companies specializing in food delivery is Uber Eats, which is increasingly widespread throughout the national territory. In this way it continues to grow and continues to have more and more restaurants associated with its service.
Given its expansion, more and more people see Uber Eats as a great opportunity to earn money, establishing rhythms and schedules and being able to choose the hours in which they will work. Next we are going to explain what you must do to be able to work in this company.

Requirements to work at Uber Eats
To be a Uber Eats delivery person, it  is necessary to meet a series of requirements, which we will refer to below:

ID, passport or residence card
First of all, you will have to have an ID, passport or residence card, since you will have to take a photograph to upload it to the application during the registration process.
Register as a freelancer
In order to work as a delivery person for this delivery service, it is necessary to be autonomous.

Other requirements:
Other requirements include the following:

  • Criminal record
  • Being of legal age is essential to be able to deliver at home.
  • Have possession of a smartphone, since it will be from where orders will be managed in the Uber Eats app.
  • You must have your own vehicle, having the possibility of distributing by bicycle or motorcycle.
  • If you distribute by motorcycle you will need to have a valid driving license, motorcycle insurance and a driving license. Uber Eats app.
  • You will need to have the Uber app installed to receive and accept orders.
  • Thermal backpacks. To guarantee a safe and hygienic service, it is necessary to have thermal backpacks. Its purpose is to protect food.

Advantages of working at Uber Eats

Among the main advantages of working at Uber Eats are the following:

  • Schedule flexibility. One of its great advantages is that each worker decides when they want to work. Being autonomous, you can manage your time as you are most interested, so that you can choose if you only want to distribute in the mornings, in the afternoons, or on weekends. Logically, depending on what you work your income will be higher or lower.
  • Choice of vehicle. You can choose the medium in which you want to distribute the orders. Depending on your city, you can deliver by bicycle, motorcycle or car.
  • Extra income. If you are a student or have a main job and want to earn extra money, with Uber Eats you can do it. By being able to choose the schedules, you can make it compatible with any other job you have without schedule problems.
  • Weekly payments. Uber Eats delivery drivers get paid weekly. This is a good way for those who want to have money at their disposal quickly.

How much does an Uber Eats delivery person make?
The money to be received for working for Uber Eats depends on the time and distance traveled to deliver the orders. In this way, it is calculated taking into account:

  • Travel rates.
  • Tolls Cancellation fees. They are paid when the order is canceled once the worker has already started.
  • Deferred rewards. These refer to when a user sends an invitation to a friend to join Uber Eats.
  • If a customer leaves a tip, it will be recorded in the application.

Instructions for working at Uber Eats:

If you want to know how to start working at Uber Eats, follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you must register as a self-employed person. You will have to register in epigraph 849.5 of the IAE, which corresponds to the transport of courier and would relapse when the activity is carried out exclusively by means of own transport. Enrollment in this section is done through form 036/037.
  2. Once the legal procedures are done, you will have to go to the Uber Eats website, where you will have to provide all your personal data. Alternatively, you can register through the application for Android and ios devices.
  3. Once the registration is finished, you will have to attach the requested documentation and wait for it to be reviewed and approved.

Once you are notified that you are active, you can start accepting food orders and deliveries.

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